14-year-old Australian shepherd dumped in shelter to die frightened and alone

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Update: Sad news to report – Titan was euthanized

Titan is a 14-year-old Australian shepherd brought in as a stray into one of the most crowded California shelters on August 17. His family had until August 29 to contact  the Riverside County Animal Control, but no one ever showed up. As if Titan knows he has been truly abandoned by the family he spent his entire life loving, now he barely acknowledges anyone passing by nor lifts his head to show any interest.

Whether Titan has two days, two months or two years, does being a senior dog warrant his family deserting him at the time of his life where all he most likely wants is a soft bed, a good meal everyday and a soft hand gently petting his head – reminding Titan of the love his family shares for him?

Click here for Titan’s Pet Harbor adoption listing. “I am a neutered male, black and brown Australian Shepherd mix. The shelter staff think I am about 14 years old. I have been at the shelter since Aug 17, 2017.” For more information about this animal, call Riverside County Animal Control – San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus at (951) 358-7387. Ask for information about animal ID number A1386389.

On Wednesday, a shelter volunteer stated Titan was not handling the shelter situation very well; ” his family did not come for him…scared, sad, confused and will die because of it,” had been posted on the dog’s Facebook page. Share Titan’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    If they know who Titan’s family is then they should be charging them with abandoning him! If he was a stray, then we don’t know what really happened to his family, many scenarios come to mind, most point to not so nice owners. I truly hope a rescue or adopter will take him in, he doesn’t deserve to have this happen to him.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Heartless bastards – a 14 year old dog left in a shelter that will murder him in a heartbeat – and apparently he was. I hope the rest of these lousy jerks lives are one of misery, pain and suffering – I’d put them to sleep in a minute.

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    I looked at the date of this article, 8/31/17 and the date this poor senior died alone, afraid and worst of all, unloved…… he was euthanized on 8/31/17. Just how were people supposed to save this poor senior?

    I know writing articles about animals at risk is time consuming and emotionally draining……. but given that in this case, the article appeared within minutes or hours of the scheduled euthanasia, it seems to me there really was NO way to save this poor senior……

    This poor senior had no timely advocacy and that IS heartbreaking……. what is even more heartbreaking are all those we never hear about at all…… or the ones where people are trying to save them but are not given ANY support from supposed transportation groups (even when one has offered to reimburse the group for their costs)……

    • Leisa G says:

      I agree. This breaks my heart. This poor dog was killed merely for being old and still existing. I cannot fathom how anyone could leave him to die alone and afraid.


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