No animal cruelty charges for man who shot and buried his dog on beach

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In Virginia Beach, a local chiropractor has been cleared of animal cruelty charges. Michael Whalen admitted to shooting his dog Allie in January explaining his 15-year-old dog had been suffering from seizures and shooting her was the only humane way to relieve her of her pain.

According to WTKR News, 65-year-old Michael Whalen ended his 15-year-old Vizsla’s life with a gun when her failing health, from old age and Cushing’s Disease, took a turn for the worse.

“Never, ever did it occur to me that at 3:30 in the morning that she would start with these violent seizures and convulsions.” The agonizing seizures went on for 40 minutes – he described how he tried to comfort his dog, Allie, “I kept trying to calm her down. I had to spend most of my time keeping her from choking.”

He then stated he brought her to her favorite place – the beach and  buried her. Her body was found ten days later by someone walking along the beach. Photos of the dog led authorities to Whalen.

On Monday, General District Judge Paul Merullo dismissed the animal cruelty charge against Whalen made by prosecutors who argued he neglected getting emergency veterinarian care for Allie the night of the incident reports the PilotOnline.  A private veterinarian, however had deemed the dog a candidate for euthanasia more than a year earlier. The judge found Whalen guilty of unlawfully disposing of an animal. Whalen was fined $500 for illegal dumping.

“If I’m guilty of anything,” Whalen stated after court, “it’s for loving her too much.”

Read the earlier account of this story here.

(Photo of dog buried on beach via screenshot from PilotOnline)



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14 replies
  1. paula calabrese says:

    I dont like this idea thatthis man shot his dog, if the dog was sick he should hae taken to the vet to have her put to sleep. it just shows how lazt people are when it comes to pets. that would have been the right thing to do to take the dog to a vet have it put down. than bury it at her fav place. How can any body do thiis. if it had been my animals i would have taken to the vet.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      You said it!!!!!!

      I took my precious furbaby (who had terminal liver cancer @ the final, untreatable stage) to the vet for his final vet visit and he died while I was cuddling him and telling him how loved he was and how we were going to miss him forever……. no pain from the injection…… just peace…….

      Shooting someone is not “kind” in anyway whatsoever…….. I think it’s absolutely cruel………

      If there was justice, the POS owner should have been charged with cruelty and given a lengthy prison sentence………

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Shooting and killing your dog with a gun because she is having seizures to me is cruelty! I don’t see how someone who professes to “love” his dog so much could do such a thing and then take her in a wheelbarrow and bury her (must have been in the dark as no one seemed to see him doing it). I know I couldn’t do it and wouldn’t do it! Wow $500 for illegal dumping, we are talking about a pet not garbage!

  3. SLV says:

    If he loved the dog so much couldn’t he have waiting till morning and have her humanly euthanized. I love my dogs with all my heart and never would I think about ending their life by shooting them!!!!!

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    He is a cold hearted,cruel animal abuser! PERIOD!!! If he had even a smidgeon of love or respect for his pet he would of had the dog put down at the vet! And I’m pretty damn sure it illeagal to bury a dog on any beach! Once again no care or concern for the dog in the eyes of the law! SMH

  5. Adrienne says:

    If he felt that shooting his dog was a humane way to end his dogs life, then all vets would do that rather then inject the animal with the meds used to euthanize them. Bullets would be cheaper than these drugs, but vets use what for any animal is a peaceful ending. What if you shoot and miss or graze the animal. Loved his animal but not enough to do right by him up to the end.

  6. ellen cottone says:

    Hes a crazy idiot and i cant believe he gets away with it.
    this, is his good by solution!?
    No, sympathy for this devil.

  7. ellen cottone says:

    if I remember right, He drove his sick dog in the middle of the night. shot it, half ass buried it in the sand and left and went home.
    a child come across it the next day. im sorry the dog died violently and was left

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    He was told previously his dog should be euthanized BUT NO – he decided to shoot and bury her then claim it was the only thing he could do – a piss poor excuse is what it is – if he had ANY compassion for his dog, he would have had her euthanized humanely. I bet he did not want to spend the money so he shot her – Yeah, you really loved your dog – NOT!!


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