Neglected senior dog infested with fleas

Mother and daughter accused of neglecting senior dog infested with fleas

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An elderly Labrador retriever mix named “Max,” is in protective custody after he was seized from his owners, who are accused of forcing him to live a tortured existence. According to Friday’s Citizens’ Voice, a mother and daughter, identified as 55-year-old Diane L. Cates and 18-year-old Jessica Cates, are facing animal cruelty charges for the alleged neglect of the dog whose name is “Max.”

Max was discovered in July after animal control officers received a report that a dog had been wearing a cone for an extended period of time. The officers found the 12-year-old malnourished dog with a severe flea infestation and loss of hair.

Humane officer Wayne Harvey, of the Luzerne County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, told the publication:

“This dog was full of fleas, half its hair was missing and it was underweight. This dog was being tortured in my estimation, and it was going through hell.”

An exam revealed that Max is heartworm positive and anemic because of the swarms of fleas that were consuming his blood.

Max is reported to be improving now that he is receiving care.

(Image SPCA Luzerne County)

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64 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:


  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    A prime case of neglect by these two POS women! They should never be allowed to have a dog again! Prayers for Max, may he find love and comfort.

  3. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Both those Bitches need to wear that cone for the same amount of time and tie their hands so they can’t eat. What a couple of worthless bitches!!!! I hope they go straight to PRISON!!!

  4. Sherry says:

    Please post updates on Max’s future. Sickening that a mother is passing on these repugnant traits to her daughter. Prayers to Max. Sorry you wound up with horrible humans.

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    Such low life scum bags! I see this mom has passed her poison on to her daughter,she has showed her how to be a despicable animal abuser! As always I hope the both of them are held accountable via of a meaningful punishment,but I won’t hold my breath! GET WELL SOON SWEET MAX❤️

  6. Sheri says:

    MAX MATTERS???? praying for a speedy recovery and on to a kind ,caring furever family for this special senior????

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Authorities need to wake up and start making examples of these people who neglect, abuse and cruelly treat animals – don’t allow these two hunks of trash to get away with what they did to Max – they need to spend some time in jail – NOT 10-15 days, some serious time and let them see what it is like to have no control.

  8. Kim Hanen says:

    I understand people’s rage over these incidents. I am as angry as anyone, but here’s the thing: posting how angry you are HERE does nothing to help either in prosecuting offenders, or getting tougher animal laws on the books. If you really want to help out and see change, you have to actually do something. For example. If you look in the article above there is a link to the newspaper that first ran this story. It is the “Citizens’ Voice”. If you click on the link it will take you to the original story. In the story it tells you the names of these offenders, and where they live! Take the time – contact the police departments in their home towns and ask “What happens next?” Also ask them who else you can phone or email regarding their sentence. Contact the animal welfare officers in your own states and ask what the laws are, and ask if they too can give you contact names and emails. Don’t just enter comments on Facebook pages people – we have to be far more active in trying to get laws changed so that people who do these things truly get held accountable. But that also won’t happen until a lot of state and city laws get changed. And change is ONLY brought about by the people who live in those cities and states.

    • Mark says:

      It’s called venting and there’s nothing wrong with it. Also how do you we on this site don’t do anything other than to display anger… just made an ass of yourself by ASSuming.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Venting is what people do, instead of doing something Mark. People don’t have time to do both.
        Kim being new to pre has ideas and ideals. She is looking for allies.
        Don’t worry she knows now she is barking up the wrong tree.
        But Mark,
        Be sure to be a dic about it

      • Mark says:

        We can do both. Another one that ASSumes! You spend most times on this site more than anyone writing and attacking people.Do you relish starting problems among the people here? What a sad life you must lead. As usual you can have the last word. I’m sure you’ll have more nonsense to comment .Enjoy.

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Ellen Cottone thinks she above everyone else! As I said before she is a horrid individual! I find it best to ignore her attacks and her know it all attitude! Bet she is biting at the bit to post her nastiness now that I have called her what she is……a horrid,nasty know it all! And I will continue to ignore her bullshit put downs! What a piece of work!

      • Pamela Garlisch says:

        This woman was just giving her opinion, you all have no right to bash her about it. Start posting about what you HAVE done along with your venting post. It gives other people ideas about what they can do too.

      • Helen says:

        Cynthia Como. That’s her problem she doesn’t feel she’s better than everyone else. She’s over compensating by her nasty remarks by THINKING she’s better than everyone else.

      • pennysdachshunds says:

        Every time Ellen Cottone opens the pie hole there is almost a riot on the site. I just refuse to be baited and respond to her ” happy horse shit” at all… I have and do enjoy reading and sharing and know that most of you do too. We all made it thru the KARMA phase… this too will pass… please all of you say a prayer that Molly Mule doesn’t have to be returned to the Asshole that starved her & we have now had her for over 13 months and she is beautiful and happy … now he is trying to extort $2500 from us to buy her when he got her for canner price.. we go to court Aug 31 at 11am mountain daylight time!!

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Penny,I don’t remember Molly Mules story,I must of missed it somehow! However I’m praying this deserving sweetie stays with u! Whoever thought it was appropriate to classify animals as property is lacking a soul and a brain! It’s so ridiculous and I hope we get this changed! My heart breaks for u and Molly Mule! Penny I am praying that Molly Mule stays put and is not returned to a horrific life of abuse! Please Penny keep us updated! This is so awful! Keeping u in my thoughts and prayers❤️

      • pennysdachshunds says:

        Thank you Mark!! I Simply don’t want to see her go back to that Puke that starved her. but he gave my husband $20.00 which Rich Accepted and now states that was intent to accept what he was going to pay a month… It has now been 13 months without a nickel… and he wants to give us $20.00 a month for her care… shots. hay when it was 28 below zero….I juts hope for the best from the judge but seeing all the negative input from the judges in the country I am quite frankly worried…

      • ellen cottone says:

        Oh my god Cynthia,
        You don’t remember Molly mule story.
        That’s just hilarious.
        You see that’s your problem.
        You do not really understand the context of what a poster is trying to convey. That’s very sad. And then you get abusive and whiney.
        You have miss read and under stood my posts here as well as the past.
        And you act on your misunderstanding.
        They have a few words for that.
        They all apply to you.
        You have been the one who has constantally been harassing me with insults and accusation for quite some time now.
        I could say mind your own biz but this is all you got.
        I would never take a toy from a baby. Especially an unhappy and ugly one

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      You are assuming, we that express our outrage on these threads are only doing that here. Many of us DO go to the local papers, organizations sign petitions to express our outrage, etc., so don’t assume we are all talk and no action!

      • ellen cottone says:

        You people do nothing that amounts to anything.
        And you pride your self because you sit at a computer and sign pititiong .
        After the fact.
        You wouldn’t know where to start To actually do anything that would effect even one hungry or neglected animal in need.
        You all have the free time on your hands day in and day out.

        Kim is right .
        Legislation is the only way out of these endless cases of neglect and abuse.
        And you all choose,
        To do nothing.

        Legislation is the answer.
        Every one of these pet rescue r. Are morally criminal. When they become actually crimes is when real change Will happen.
        Instead of signing an out dated petition, start one.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        ellen cottone, you know what I do and when how? You have never met me, wouldn’t know me if you fell over me and yet you can tell the world I “do nothing that amounts to anything”? Really?

      • pennysdacshund says:

        YOU remember Molly Mule (rescued 8/2015 WELL we are about to lose her to the 66 year old (humane live trapper, that then beats the poor animal to death with a metal BASE BALL BAT) he hasn’t paid us a nickel of pasture fees in 12 months and is taking me to small claims court because I told him I was keeping her…THIS IS JUSTICE IN WYOMING…

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        pennysdacshund, Of course, until these animals are thought of something more than just “property” this sort of thing keeps happening. I don’t know how to get them to think differently. These are living beings and shouldn’t get the same consideration as a piece of furniture! I know our judges and officials around here have no interest in animal rights, all they see is the bottom dollar and own self interests. I wish you luck with Molly Mule, this POS hasn’t bothered with her in a year and yet he has the audacity to take YOU to court! I know you will fight for her, you and she will be in my prayers and let’s hope you get a judge that has a heart.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Yes we all do the above because it easy its done in your pjs.

        some people are in rescue away from the computer and are also in emergency field work
        In the middle of winter and up to their thighs in swamps and ponds and the woods and on the beach. .
        I would never sit down and put a list of what I do online why would I ever need to.

        Your trying to justify your nasty comments now because someone again called you on it.
        nasty will always Trump your deeds.
        You display your lies accusations and nastiness to another human .
        That’s what defines you here.
        No wonder your trying so hard to distract from your being a common bully.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        ellen cottone, speaking for Pamela now? Feel better now that you have posted just as much “nastiness” as you are accusing us of? Your post to Penny is especially hateful, good job! erp!

      • ellen cottone says:

        Yes we all do the above because it easy its done in your pjs.

        some people are in rescue away from the computer and are also in emergency field work
        In the middle of winter and up to their thighs in swamps and ponds and the woods and on the beach. .
        I would never sit down and put a list of what I do online why would I ever need to.

        Your trying to justify your nasty comments now because someone again called you on it.
        nasty will always Trump your deeds.
        You display your lies accusations and nastiness to another human .
        That’s what defines you here.
        No wonder your trying so hard to distract from your being a common bully.
        The true indication of a person’s character are defined by there posts.
        Not the lip service on how you wish you were perceived . We’re not stupid.

      • ellen cottone says:

        no barkly i speak the truth.
        and its all been the truth since day 1

        nasty is anger + lie+ frustration.
        that would some up the sisters 3.

        none apply to me.

        i dont care how you feel about what i said about penny i speak the truth and stand up to it. not on my watch. sympathy for the devil much B.?

        you need to be more careful of the company you keep. or you will be judged by it severely

    • Mark says:

      Barkely’s Mom…Keep in mind that there are some who don’t advocate for animal rights, therefore, they accuse others for being the same if you know what I mean. They make false accusations and assumptions perhaps to feel better about themselves or to make up for their inadequacies for not helping animals in need. I have rescued, adopted and sent letters to my Reps. I just don’t chose to comment on them. Is that better Pamela?!

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Mark, ellen cottone is the leader of the pack when it comes to false accusations and assumptions. She makes things up as she goes. As for Pamela, I am not ashamed for what I do for animal rights and abuse, I donate as much money that I possibly can, and don’t think I need to make a list for her benefit of what I have actually done to further the cause against animal abuse. I have 4 dogs 2 of which are rescues, my retirement benefits are stretched to the limit, I have written to my representatives, local and state wide (non of which give a damn about animals) so it’s been a waste of time for the most part, but I keep trying and supporting our local “no kill” shelter. There Pamela, I’m open to any other suggestions should you like to supply some.

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Pamela,PLEASE do not feel that way! PLEASE just IGNORE Ellen, the know it all bully,it’s the best way to handle someone who thrives on attacking others….IGNORE THEM AND DO NOT RESPOND. Every site usually has one and the solution is just to ignore those jerks! Please continue to read the posts on this site,the rest of us welcome ur comments.

      • Pamela Garlisch says:

        Thanks Cynthia, but it wasn’t just Ellen, she was speaking her mind and I understand that, I might not agree with her but it is her right to say it, but it was all the backbiting of everyone else plus the mean and nasty comments. I know that everybody has a right to say what they want but there also must be a thread of common decency and I just don’t see that here with some of the comments. After all we are all animal lovers here and our first allegiance should be to the animals. Sorry.

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Pamela,I totally agree with u!!! Even if I don’t agree with someone’s point of view I respect others point of view. I just have a problem with Ellen dishing out PERSONAL attacks on everyone all the time no matter what we say! It’s so rude! She has fought with everyone for some reason and that’s why u see everyone trying to defend themselves! I have decided to just ignore everything she says,I’m NOT going to trade insults and put downs with anyone! I’m on this sight for the animals. I enjoy other points of view even if I don’t agree with them! Ellen can post all the disparaging remarks she wants about me and I’m just not going to respond to it. Animal lovers and animal advocate are THE BEST!!! I felt bad when u said u we’re sorry u said anything,I welcome ur point of view Pamela!

      • Pamela Garlisch says:

        Thanks Cynthia, I always remember it takes two to make an argument, and words may sometimes hurt me but my skin protects me.

      • ellen cottone says:

        ellen cottone dosent think shes above any one. no where in my posts do i put myself before anyone or any thing. Ellen just speaks the truth and shares a different clear vision. its called a dialogue and as always a enlightened and positive one. c.c, b.m, and p.d. why are you so negative and hostile? the truth shouldn’t make you angry it will set you free.
        to do absolutely nothing. of any real value.

      • ellen cottone says:

        c.c i dont need a bit to chop on to speak my mind. i will post my thoughts as i wish when i wish. im never nasty. your confused. its you who are angry and nasty because your easily slighted. you need to work on that.
        you need a better reason to have your blood pressure spike then what a complete stranger thinks.

      • ellen cottone says:

        im happy you feel at home enough to declare your medication change among friends.
        But we didnt ask.

        instead of wasting so much time playing bingo with penny/ why dont you go feed some hungry stray cats by the cvs dumpsters?
        idle hands are the work of the devil. put on your “im here to help hat” and get that fanny out of that chair and away from the computer and put your money where your mouth is. you need to do it for you. not a bunch of total strangers at PRR

      • ellen cottone says:

        Penny, when you say we all made it thru the karma stage.
        It didn’t seem you have .
        but that was an ongoing war between you and the rev Yvonne.
        And what did you do to her ?
        It was you and her for weeks on end her with karma and your endless crusty
        Cuss fest and raciest comments.
        You just referred to Mike Vick on the pet rescue report about Mike Vick getting a job at fox 5 as
        “A black scumbag”
        Your disgusting inside and out.
        Your previous racist comments like
        “We need to have a white sheet party”
        Shows the world who and what you are.
        So you can wax on old girl in between your hard drinking about what a kind hearted girl ya are with your little noodle dog’s.
        But all I see is a racist trying to justify her hate and ignorance. With little doggie stories

        I do not like your repeated attacks on Asians, Hispanic, Africa American and especially native Americans. And musulams. You recently commented on a Muslim and announced he looked like he is in Isis. You are the
        most dispicical person on this site.
        I don’t know how this site tolerates you.your many and uncensored racist remarks truly show how you are from another world and another time.
        Your disgusting.
        And look at the 2 idiots who follow you idiot Cynthia and idiot Barkley
        Who chronically miss read and misunderstand my posts and feel the need to attack me and my thoughts and ideas. To the point where it’s just being a bully to a positive and observant fellow commenter.
        The riot you speak of always
        Involves you.
        I bet your hated where you live penny.
        You are hate.
        There’s hope.
        Your type of deplorable American are old and dying off. Your generation is dying off and taking your problems with you
        You and others like your are literally dying off.
        Good riddance.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Your wasting your breath.
        Pamela can’t be snowed. She can see white on snow she can’t be blinded she knows the truth and speaks the truth.

        She is not interested in being a part of your mean bully gang . She wonders why a day long bully attack on fellow commenter. Over seemingly nothing.
        Each of you felt the need to try and give reason for the unprovoked cruelty on a commenter and this decent person wasn’t having it and is very polite about it .
        you even made her sorry she stood up for someone who was being bullied.
        Look at the damage you do.

        Words hurt you girls.
        And you lie about me and you even can try and lie too a new commenter.
        But she called you all on it and you plotted.

        You all came back with your long list of
        Goody work and lied about my character.
        Nice try but only the guilty would have to work so hard.
        Barkly you even invited pamala to have a conversation.
        Don’t worry she sees you Cynthia and penny for what you all are.

        My posts are never open ended my posts are declarations I don’t need your comments they offer nothing useful you just read because I know your fascinated bite your toung and keep on walking until the day comes when You can finally teach me something valuable that I can use to help others.

        Thank you Pamela for saying something. Your a good teacher.
        Good luck with your class this year.
        We will all try to be good.

  9. ellen cottone says:

    Kim do you ever get the feeling you are wasting your breath ? You are at pet rescue r. Nobody is really motivated. Because people here are addicted to the the appalling misery. They would like for things to change but invest time and energy in less complicated things. Here people just vent.

  10. ellen cottone says:

    Thank you Pamela
    Welcome to the pet rescue report gang.
    Some good, some bad and some on the fence and as always some just misunderstood.
    even with all the useless bickering we are here to try and help. We care you care about animals and it’s clear you care about humans too.
    That’s the stuff that makes the world go round baby


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