Man arrested after ‘inhumane’ conditions found at his puppy mill

Dogs seized from inhumane puppy mill
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A Texas man was arrested after authorities in Jim Wells County discovered conditions described as “inhumane” at his alleged puppy mill operation.  On August 18, the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Office announced the rescue of 17 Shih Tzus who had been living in cages which were much like chicken coops.

The Sheriff’s Office stated:

The dogs were kept in a manner similar to a chicken coop that was doubled stacked wrapped with chicken wire with an aluminum floor and roof. The housing of the animals also had rusty nails and pieces of the chicken wire sticking out. The dogs did not have necessary food or water.

The man identified as the person running the Ben Bolt puppy mill is Claudio Domingo Barrera – he is facing charges for Cruelty to Non livestock Animals. The investigation is ongoing and the seized dogs are not yet available for adoption.

(Images Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Office)

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  1. Hogtie and stick this Barrera creature in one of his cages and forget about him. WHEN will those in authority start to realize how inhumane and cruel these hell holes are? They do little to nothing to stop puppy mills from existing – maybe some vigilante justice is due.

    • I know around here they shut down one of these horrible puppy mills and two others are approved by our legislators. The fees and taxes outweigh the inhumane conditions these poor dogs live in. I’m all for the vigilante justice as long as no animals are hurt in the process just the POS humans!

  2. Close all these puppy mills down and jail the owners. Blood money off the backs of how many animals and these scum can’t even take care of these dogs. Death of a dog is just part of business for them. Put them to work in the most labor intensive job there is and have them work from dawn to dusk and then back to jail.

  3. Put his stupid ass in those cages and leave him there!!!!He doesn’t even deserve to go to Prison to have a nice warm bed, he deserves to stay EXACTLY the way he treated those poor dogs!!!!

  4. This is despicable. What an asshole to keep them confined in such a cruel inhumane manner. Puppy mills need to be shut down. Adopt don’t shop.


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