Video of man punishing dogs

Man’s method of punishing his dogs creates an uproar

On May 14, a Facebook user named Aaron Riley uploaded a video of him punishing his dogs for getting into the trash. The video caption reads:

Told y’all I was gonna do it 😂😂😂😂

The video shows the man, reportedly from Buffalo, New York, forcing his German shepherds to “pick up” the trash and put it back in the garbage container. As the dogs are “cleaning up” the man, who appears to be quite angry, is dropping multiple expletives.

According to Tuesday’s WGRZ News, in the midst of the video being viewed thousands of times on social media, multiple reports were made to the SPCA Serving Erie County about the concerning situation. The animal welfare organization addressed the issue on Tuesday:

Working in coordination with the District Attorney’s office, the SPCA was recently made aware of a Facebook post that involved a Buffalo resident and his two German shepherd dogs. We are glad to report that SPCA Officers made contact with the resident and the dogs and concluded that the dogs are in excellent condition and in good health. At this time, there is no violation of New York State law.
We thank everyone who has expressed concern regarding the video.

Individuals who were upset about the video are again outraged that nothing is being done, and many have voiced their concern about the overall manner that the dogs in this man’s care are treated.

As for the “issue” which upset the man in the video (garbage all over the floor), the logical solution is to keep the trash away from where the dogs can access it, and/or secured so they can’t get into it.

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41 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    This idiot named Aaron Riley has his brains located in the same place he kept his trash – I live in Buffalo NY and this has been all over the news – his dogs may be in good health but this man’s treatment of them for getting in the trash is so stupid he only makes a total fool of himself by forcing them to clean up the mess. If he had any common sense he would put a cover on the trash, empty it regularly (which he obviously doesn’t) and move it to where the dogs do NOT have access to it. This guy is a complete jerk to think what he did will teach his dogs anything, HE needs some serious dog training education.

    • Samantha says:

      Right?!?! How can you punish a dog for being a dog! When mine get into the trash I refuse to reprimand them. It is my own fault for leaving it available for them to get into. We have lids on all trash cans in the house. This dude is a douche

    • Jdm says:

      This is the reason that dogs turn on their owners or attack others. When you are raised with violence that’s what you learn. This goes for any animal and children. This person should not be allowed to have dogs. He obviously does NOT know how to train his dogs.

    • Maria De Martinis says:

      These poor dogs don’t know any better! He is the HUMAN (Garbage) and he should keep what he doesn’t want the dogs to get to ‘away’ from them!!! Maybe he should try feeding them so they don’t get hungry. Whatever the reason….Abuse is Not Tolerated at all!!!

    • Leena Lapena says:

      What about the mental health of the dogs? The way they cower and tremble, the way they hold their tails, it is clear that he hits and uses force to punish these dogs…So if my kids are “in good condition”, but terrified, that is ok????? How dido the determine there were no bruises under that fur??? He is a punk, bully and abuser. Please, someone, teach him a lesson.

  2. Angela Corso says:

    THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE REPLY FROOM THE AUTHORITIES!!! This man was proud of what he did. Just because dogs look to be in good health does NOT mean they are. I’m disgusted that nothing has been done to rescue these dogs.

  3. Liz B says:

    This man’s actions are abusive. I can’t imagine that his dogs are well treated regardless of how they may appear. I am so sorry that his actions have been sanctioned.

  4. Liz B says:

    And another thing–these dogs couldn’t possibly have understood this “punishment.” All they understood was to be fearful of this man who is supposed to love them. Too bad this owner couldn’t understand that he should have been cleaning up the mess because it was totally his fault.

  5. Susan Mueller-Bissell says:

    Like this form of punishing this dog this way is going to stop it from getting into the garbage again. HA! He has to figure out a place to keep the garbage away from the dogs and a way for them NOT to get into it. My one small dog gets into the garbage all the time until I put the trash can up on a step stool now she can’t get in to it. Problem solved!

  6. ROBYN says:


  7. Susan says:

    This is just another stupid incident for cry baby whiners to get their panties in a bunch!! So fucking stupid! Why don’t all you fucking busy bodies mind your own business? These dogs were not hurt and are fine so shut your fucking mouths!!????????????

    • Ceecee says:

      Susan you obviously have zero compassion for defenseless animals. They have a right to be cared for and treated kindly.having a dog is a huge responsibility just like having a child. The dogs can’t speak for themselves that’s why people have to stand up for them. As far as busy bodies, you are just as busy as took time to comment as well.

    • Mark says:

      They were emotionally harmed you dumb BITCH. He probably gives them the same treatment whenever they piss him off. Just because they’re in excellent condition and in good health doesn’t exclude them from being emotionally abused.

    • Shari says:

      Shut up Susan you stupid moronic freak. Any woman especially that would post that is an embarrassment to the rest of us. You’re not a normal woman honey, and you never will be. You are sick and should never have kids or animals. Eeeeefffff yoouuu! Now go back to you cold self-absorbed useless life caring only about yourself.

    • Sheri Disbrow says:

      Susan, My friend, NOT, are a very special kind of STUPID!!
      WTF!! Dogs just like a toddler,,,, kid /dog proof your home for safety’s sake!!
      Take the trash out as most people do!! Put it out of reach,, ” Out of Sight, Out of Mind”!
      Feed your babies!! Rinse food wrappers off,, no smell, no ROACHES!!
      He just wanting his 5 min of fame,, LIKE YOU, (obvious)!! HERE YOU ARE MS SPECIAL IDIOT SUSAN! ????????
      Stupidest comment I have read on here, ever,,,,, ugh! ⊙﹏⊙

  8. Linda Patton says:

    The authorities are condoning his abusive actions, they mine as well be next to him helping abuse the dogs. I’m continuely amazed how those who took oaths to protect, care for, love, keep safe innocent animals are the ones who continuously let abuse happen. Just because an animals weight seems to be okay does not, by any means, mean that animal is safe or not abused. His horrific acts against these two innocent dogs is documented on the video… what other proof is needed? These dogs are obviously suffering mental anguish/abuse, as well as physical. Look how he treats them! They must be removed for their safety, they deserve to be loved, cared for, happy. If they get tired and snap, attack that idiot guy and give him what he deserves, everyone’s going to fault them, say their vicious, and want to kill them. Save them before it gets to that point! Give them a happy life, where love and respect is a normal thing. The idiot needs to be charged and jailed for his actions… he needs to serve at least 4 years. The officials who are allowing this abuse to continue need to be fired, charged as assories, and jailed. We have the laws in place. We need the humans to follow the laws. Protect our animals!!! If we don’t, tell me, who will???

  9. Cali Lové says:

    These dogs were never mistreated. It’s just him remaking a video that was made about an owner doing the same thing with his cat. The ignorant things that people have been saying toward him are completely uncalled for. I understand that from the outside looking in that you would believe that he we being aggressive with the dogs, but that’s just the way he talks in general. So please understand the situation before feeling like he should be punished.

    • helen says:

      The video tells it all. If he talks that way in general I feel sorry for these dogs. These dogs were emotionally abused. You might want to tell your friend Aaron that he shouldn’t have posted this video.

  10. Betty says:

    This is the type of people who need to be dealt with what if was a child ? Then there would be an outrage and he would be charged. People who are stupid and ignorant about animals should not own them. I thought we have laws in this country that we have standards.

    • Cali Lové says:

      This is how children are taught.. By being hands on and showing them. So if you’re going to compare this to having children please have some idea of how children are taught. This wasn’t the point that he was trying to make. He clearly understands that the they won’t be throwing the garbage into the can on their own.The stupid and ignorant people are the ones that are saying that he’s abusing them, they never cried or screamed like almost all dogs would do if they feel they are being hurt or threatened. Also, the ignorance is from the people that are being rude and extremely racist toward him for ABSOLUTELY no reason.

      • helen says:

        Seriously? This was emotional abuse. You don’t train dogs to pick up trash you stupid bitch. You don’t keep trash uncovered and nearby where dogs can get to it. Dogs are not children. Who’s being a racist you stupid bitch I see no indication of anyone being a racist.

    • shasha says:

      You are all idiots there is nothing wrong with the dogs and there is nothing wrong with the dogs being reprimanded how do you think show dogs are trained. You are all seriously being ridiculous. Get a grip.

      • helen says:

        You must know this POS to defend him and his dumb ass way of “training” his dogs. You don’t train a dog to pick up trash you stupid bitch! The dogs weren’t getting reprimanded what he did was emotional abuse. You need to get a grip.

  11. debor33 says:

    If you aren’t going to charge this sorry excuse of a person… least remove the dogs from the home…German Shepherds are intelligent dogs and should not be treated this way….put your trash away if you don’t want them to get into it….and as far as your comment bout these comments being racist & rude….I don’t care if he was red, purple, green or orange, he is wrong….a grown man treating a smaller animal like that….he should be ashamed of himself….if they do anything else he will become more & more agressive…..and then the nerve to put it on Facebook…..I hope they take his dogs away from him & put them in a loving home….I see they took the video down because it was too graphic….that’s all I needed to hear…praying for the 2 Shepherds .

  12. debor33 says:

    His floors look dirty anyway….and for the person who said the dogs weren’t barking or whining , did you ever think they were already terrified of him and I agree with the person who mentioned, try feeding them…..did you ever think they might be hungry….this who story infuriates me…..did anyone think that now that he is reported, he may very well do it again?

  13. susispot says:

    I hope the lesson here is not lost on this pea brain. I hope the fallout from his video has put a fear in him he ill not soon get past. We are watching you baffoon. You should loose your dogs if you can’t be a decent pet parent.

  14. coltswesternshop says:

    Take trash out or get Rid of dog. Simply handled. My German did the same thing, so I handled it with training him better. Best possible solution catch him posting stupid stuff again. They missed the point of abuse. He wasn’t training, or teaching, he was simply angry and it morphed out of control into physical and mental abuse. That’s where charges cone in.

  15. Cynthia Como says:

    He is a piece of shit and a animal abuser!! These poor dogs have no voice and nobody to look out for their best interest! I cringe at the thought of them still being in his care and control!!!

  16. Sarah says:

    You people are stupid. It’s just a goddamn dog! One which he in no way harmed. Just shut up and go have a baby. Happy Fathers Day!

    • helen says:

      You’re stupid if agree with using emotional abuse to “train” a dog. Just because he didn’t lay a hand on him doesn’t mean this dog was not being harmed….dumb bitch. Now you have a Happy Father’s Day!

  17. Debor33 says:

    Sarah, how can you say that….pets are more than just animals…..people should get them to love & for them to provide companionship…..if you think the way you think, you probably shouldn’t own a pet.


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