Man ordered to cut off his dog's head

Man ordered to cut off his dog’s head by deputy who killed the dog

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On Friday, a Georgia man was ordered to cut off his own dog’s head after the dog was shot and killed by a Crawford County deputy. According to the Telegraph, Joe Nate Goodwin was ordered to behead his two-year-old dog after the dog allegedly bit a neighbor.

Deputies were called out to Goodwin’s property after the reported bite – Goodwin wasn’t home at the time and the dog, named Big Boy, allegedly lunged at a deputy and was shot. Goodwin told the Telegraph that when he arrived home, he found his young dog dead in the yard.

What happened next is gruesome and bizarre – Goodwin was ordered to cut off Big Boy’s head after an investigator inquired about vaccination records.  James Hollis, a sheriff’s investigator, reacted to Goodwin recording the awful request, after threatening to take Goodwin to jail if he refused to follow through on cutting the dog’s head off, he stated, “You can sit there all you want and try to record all you want to record. We asked you to remove the dog’s head,” Hollis said. “And you’re refusing, right?”

Ultimately, the deceased dog’s head was removed and then his family was ordered to put it in a bag. The head was then taken by the family to a health department in order to be tested for rabies.

No word on the results of the rabies testing – the unusual situation is said to be “under investigation.”

Crawford County Sheriff’s Office here.

Click here to watch the video of the deputy demanding that the dog’s head be cut off.

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18 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another phony story concocted by some redneck inbred piss poor example of a cop who needs that damn gun shoved right where the sun never shines. This story is old, overused and another cover up by a cop who was only too willing and ready to shoot – AND then to make this poor man behead his dog is only icing on the cake – how frigging cruel can you be? Maybe a drive by is in order.

    • Diana Roby says:

      Another phony story? And to make it seem real, they created a webpage for the fake Sheriff’s Dept, a fake Facebook page, a fake newspapers, and they even fake a dog! Isn’t that amazing? I really thought it was true. Thank you for letting me know it was a hoax!

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Wow!! Here is the thing… Why the Hell DIDN”T this DOG owner have vaccinations for his “beloved” DOG??? Most certainly what the law enforcement did was Totally uncalled for and they should have bagged the dog that was not treated justly by his owner for NOT providing him with the MANDITORY RABIES that is REQUIRED all across the UNITED STATES Not only for the dog’s protection, also for the safety of the PUBLIC in case of a bite!!! This man is pretty spiffed up in his photo… yet he couldn’t afford Rabies Vaccinations!!! The Deputy that Shot the dog should have taken the dog into the Vet’s office or maybe called animal control to come and get the animal while he was alive and quarantined him, but then again the owner probably would not have consented or paid for this option… the victim in the whole thing is the DOG!!!

    • Animal Advocate says:

      Totally agree. He should not have his dog loose if the dog was running at large which is common in rural GA The real victim is the poor dog. The dog could have been running being excited and friendly, an overzealous cop and a careless owner. Protocol is call animal control to pick up the dead dog and they do the work.

      • Dr Randall Colucci says:

        Exactly. What kind of a moron is this, not to mention coward, to give this guy such an order? He shoots the dog dead in front of the whole family then tells the owner to cut off the head presumably for testing brain tissue for the rabies virus (or other viral infection)? Wow! The cops superiors should look to see if this cop has a brain himself.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    Look at the Horrific Trauma this man caused his family BECAUSE HE WAS ABOVE THE LAW and NEGLECTED the NEEDS of HIS “PET” how long has Rabies VACCINATIONS been mandatory!!!!

  4. Adrienne says:

    Would never call these scum for help. I figured that was why they wanted him to cut his dogs head off, but no one does that except those that are authorized to do that for testing. Deputy just wanted to make the owner angrier than he was about them shooting his dog. These deputies should be removed from their job.

  5. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Get this sadistic deputy in prison ASAP! We need a petition and a picture with a name of this deputy to Internal Affairs,the FBI and every news station in the country! If anyone knows of a petition please tell or send it to me!

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    I am certainly Not a cop advocate , But I surprises me that all you think nothing of this poor animal NOT GETTING VACCINATED AS RIGHTFULLY SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE.. The RABIES Shot is good for a year period of time… DAH there are clinics that offer the vaccine for a discounted fee of usually 5 to 10 dollars. What about Parvo/Distemper people, if the owner did not think it necessary to do Rabies, YOU think he did Parvo.. LIKE I said in prior Post the Cop is an Ass/ the owner is an Ass too. the VICTIM the poor dog…

  7. pennysdachshunds says:

    Correction: I meant a 3 year period of time!!!! for the RABIES that I guess readers feel is JUST FINE to NOT have this very needed protective shot for both humans and the animal ( Pet) hell we even have to vaccinate our horses ( because of the high incidence of rabies) in our state… last year alone two cows got rapid, and they put at least 2 horses down that I know of … The cop was not right with what he did, and should be suspended , the owner will just get another dog that he is neglectful too!!! how’s that for Justice…

  8. Red says:

    I can’t believe 1) a cop insisting you do this 2) anyone DOING it no matter who asked 3) Yet another COP murdering a pet who is IN THEIR OWN YARD!!!!!!!

  9. Jacqueline Kenny says:

    The whole thing is appalling I have never heard of such a thing, owner having to do this horrible thing. Poor dog asshole people WTF

  10. susispot says:

    Real or fake? An officer demanding John Q Public to cut off an animals head for rabies testing is exposing that person to possible rabies that is transmitted by contact with the animals body fluids. That officer could be sued for everything he had. I would say, ” take me to jail cuz I am not cutting off anyone’s head”.


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