Horrifying cruelty: Man in China slams greyhound to death for losing race

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In a sickening demonstration of horrifying cruelty, a mobile phone video has gone viral on Tuesday showing a man in northern China go crazy on his greyhound dog after the animal lost a race.

According to the Daily Mail, the horrifying incident occurred in the Hebel Province on December 3 after the man allegedly bet his money on the dog race and his dog lost. Shouting out “you made me lose my money,” the owner grabbed the dog – swinging it repeatedly by its hind legs and slamming the defenseless animal to the ground. At the end of the video, the man is seen standing over what appears to be a blurred image of the dead dog. The man vowed he would eat the dog.

Another person who spoke in the video stated the man had spent a lot of money buying and training the dog and was outraged when it lost the race. Thousands of Wiebo users, the Chinese Twitter equivalent, condemned the man for his egregious acts.

“Such a useless man, his mother should slam him on the floor the same way as he did to the dog,” one Internet comment stated.

Another user called the man “heartless” while the poor dog was labeled “innocent.”

The disturbing video has garnered more than three million views in just hours.

The video, posted by Pear Video, is extremely graphic and not suitable for all viewing audiences.

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  1. You sick son of a bitch. Where does he live. Someone post name and address.

    Anyone else want to help me talk to this arrogant Chinese. Chinese eat what 10 million dogs a year. Ban Chinese from America.

  2. This POS needs to have the same thing done to him. The video was horrible to watch. RIP sweet dog. You didn’t do anything wrong.

  3. Why did u show this story if he was arrested it would be worth sharing he and the person filming are criminal run free puppy and to the men I pray karma finds you both and shows no mercy you showed that pup no mercy

  4. All those fucking useless bastard men women that abuse animals should all be fucking kill together I’d like to take a hammer to his fucking Head bash his fucking brains in

  5. PLEASE TELL ME THIS GOD FORSAKEN, MONSTER IS GOING TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THAT….. the person filming it should also be held responsible.
    I do not like profanity…… but I say DITTO to what Theresa said up there!!!!!!!!!! This is not a man….. he is a monster….a useless waste of skin and someone needs to MAKE THIS POS PAY!

  6. Oh my God…..you have got to catch this evil man and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law….this cannot go unpunished. The greyhounds that are run are treated cruelly and drugged and punished until the cant run any further…..I hope animal advocates catch him and do to him what he did to this poor pup……rest high sweet dog….no one can ever hurt you again.

  7. ⚘RIP innocent one, you did not  deserve to have a life of hell and end like this we will never forget you, be free now????

    for these animals Chinese laws do not protect small animals against abuse by their owners no matter how vile as this is.
    Greyhounds are being sold, exported  to China from US & other countries
    One is Pakistan where there is no protection like China.
    Greyhounds are being sent abroad to their horrific abuse, suffering and  unimaginable deaths, no regard for their lives at all.

    Please speak for them all
    Sign this petition urging Prime Minister Theresa May to outlaw the export of greyhounds, and to put a stop to the highly abusive dog racing industry in the UK altogether. No more greyhounds must suffer this horrific fate. https://ladyfreethinker.org/sign-uk-stop-selling-greyhounds-china-cooked-alive-dog-meat/

    Article..                                             https://amp.independent.ie/irish-news/exported-irish-greyhounds-suffer-horrific-abuse-at-hands-of-new-owners-35712353.html
    Ireland has been described as the “puppy farm capital of Europe”, with up to 30,000 dogs a year bred in “back alley” facilities
    Irish greyhounds have ended up in the possession of foreign buyers used for bloodsports

  8. Heartbreaking and Horrific! ???????????????????? Precious Pup, I’m so sorry you were horrifically abused and betrayal by that despicable evil monster. Sweet Angel, you deserved so much better, Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace, Angel Pup. You are now in the tender loving care of Jesus. Play and run with the Angels in Heaven’s soft fluffy clouds. You are loved and will not be forgotten. RIP Precious Baby. ♥️????????????????????????????????????♥️


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