‘Freak accident’ at Tennessee dog daycare leaves pet with fatal injuries

Dog died in freak accident at dog daycare
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An incident, described as a “freak accident,” left a Tennessee family’s beloved pet dog with fatal injuries. According to Sunday’s WTOL News, a one-year-old Chihuahua named “Hall,” was entrusted to the care of The Dog Spot in Nashville by owner, Rachael Waldrop, who was going on a vacation with her husband, Matt.

While Hall was at the daycare facility, she was in an altercation with a larger dog – the injuries from the fight proved to be fatal. Waldrop told WTOL, “There was a lot of internal blood loss. There were a lot of fractured if not broken ribs, three major puncture wounds. She just didn’t make it, so we allowed them to stop doing CPR and she died.”

According to Waldrop, dogs being cared for at the daycare were separated by temperament rather than size and the dog who inflicted the fatal injuries had never shown any problematic behavior in the past.

According to News Channel 5, the business has expressed heartbreak over the situation which they refer to as a freak accident. The daycare plans to review its safety policies to see where changes need to be made.

The Waldrops want the dog who killed little Hall to be reported to animal control.

(screenshot via WTOL News)

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  1. I would never leave my dogs in a place that didn’t keep them separated by size. Anything can happen and and the bigger dog will ALWAYS have the advantage. Even dogs that have great temperaments normally can be upset at being left with strangers and not realize that they will see their owners again… they can also get sick and not feel good and strike at another dog… Sux to learn these things the hard way…

  2. THIS IS NOTHING SHORT of idiocy pone the part of the owner of this day care for doggies!!!! I would venture the larger animal looked at that tiny Chi who very well could have had a large attitude as prey and she was done for in one BITE!!!! her poor owners had attempted to do right by their little girl and lost her because of Stupidity !!!!!!

  3. My condolences to the Waldrops I can’t imagine the heartbreak losing your dog like this.Large dogs should never be intermingled with small dogs, I don’t care what kind of temperament they have. My German Shepherd Barkley hates small dogs as he was tormented by a neighbor dog when he was a pup. He gets along with bigger dogs but all bets are off with small yappy dogs. My own dogs who get along very well together can sometimes go at it for heaven knows what reason. This is the fault of the day care center, and I don’t think the larger dog needs to be reported and most likely labeled “vicious” over this.

  4. sad, why leaving animals with others is truly one of the worst things to do, you have to find and research the company, pet boarding, etc. Sad. prayers for him.

  5. Close the place down. This should have never happened. Never never never. My heart goes out to the owner of this precious pup.

  6. Hello – a RESPONSIBLE pet care business owner instinctively knows you do NOT separate dogs by temperament only. Size should ALWAYS be included. Even two dogs playing can be hurt if one is larger than the other. Idiots. Where were the owners standing when brains and common sense were being handed out? Oh wait – they thought drains and uncommon sense were being handed out.

  7. They want the dog who killed little Hall to be reported to animal control. How is that going to fix anything? The daycare should be reported and sued but killing the larger dog won’t fix anything. As usual, blame the idiots not the dog!

    • Absolutely. This so called ‘dog daycare’ showed a huge lack of responsibility not to mention common sense by allowing large and small dogs to be put together – They are to blame for the dog’s death.

  8. Separating the dogs by temperament only is sheer lunacy, especially when so many small dogs have Napoleon complexes and believe themselves to be Great Danes. A large dog can inflict a lot of damage on a small dog in no time, and when the dog is as small as a Chihuahua he or she wouldn’t have a chance. This was totally irresponsible on the part of the people who run the place. Reporting the large dog won’t solve anything, especially when their Chihuahua could very well have been the instigator due to breed feistiness but unable to handle the larger dog due to size. This is totally the dog daycare’s fault.

    • In total AGREEMENT ::; Our dachshunds think they are Lion’s they will get in the face of a very large dog in I second!!! Needless to say they are never given the opportunity to do so…. that poor little Chihuahua DID NOT have a chance in HELL ::: I also place NO BLAME on the Large DOG it was instinct that took over : and yest I also agree that the Chihuahua probably thought SHE was a Lion SEE me ROAR

  9. It’s not the other dog’s fault it is the day care owners fault!! I cringe every time I see day cares advertising no cage pet sitting and off leash dog parks, They are all accidents waiting to happen, it’s not a matter of if it will happen it’s when!! My heart breaks for that little baby but please put the blame where it belongs, on the people who don’t know how to use common sense!!

  10. RIP Hall. You should have been with other small dogs. What were these people at The Dog Spot thinking to allow big and small dogs intermingling? Even though it’s a dog care these dogs are still stressed not being with their owners.

  11. That was just stupidity on the part of the daycare! I used to send my dogs to daycare,i have one large dog who loves everyone.I have another medium size dog who does not like kids,he doesn’t like people to reach for him bc he has vision issues and he reacts bc of that.Lastly he is a retired military bomb dog so he is ball crazy,do not try and take a ball from him,unless you have another to trade him.These are his proclivities and when we started there I informed the staff,they agreed to them and everything went fine for over a year.The owner one day decided to throw her grandson into the yard with the dogs,of course the brat tries to take a ball away from my dog ,so he gets nipped and then the brats grandfather zooms in and tries to grab his collar and he gets nipped.I was livid considering they did everything I told them not to do!Owner days my dog is banned so i pulled my other dog too!they lost a good customer bc of stupidty.So there is a lot of that going on!

  12. OK Nashville, Tenn – now you know, do not use ‘The Dog Spot’ for dog daycare – they have proven their incompetence, irresponsibility and total lack of common sense. This was avoidable and they allowed this to happen.


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