United Airlines denies allegations that giant bunny froze to death

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Just when United Airlines settled one of its worst public relation disasters, after Dr. David Dao was forcibly dragged off an overbooked flight, leaving him with a broken nose, knocked out teeth and concussion,  there are now allegations of giant rabbit Simon may have accidentally froze to death. Simon died shortly after landing at O’Hare Airport in Chicago on April 24.

According to the Sun, the rabbit who was purchased from his breeder was healthy when taken off the plane, and according to an airport worker, had been “placed in temperatures of 0 to 2C  (28-32 degrees) degrees by mistake.” Simon had flown from Heathrow Airport in London and was on his way to his new home in Kenton, Ohio before the tragedy occurred. He reportedly froze to death after left for 16 hours. When the next day the staff went in to check on Simon:

“The rabbit was huddled up facing away from the front of the cage towards the wall. Everyone thought he was just having a nap or something. Nobody realised it needed to be taken out,” stated an airline employee.

The worker claimed pets are usually kept in a special area kept at room temperature – between 18C and 20C. (70 -72 degrees)

When asked if the airlines really did accidentally freeze Simon, United Airlines responded with the following statement:

“That assertion is completely false. Simon was cared for at the PetSafe kennel facility which is kept at room temperature (on average 70°F).
He arrived at Chicago O’Hare airport in apparent good condition at 10:25 am (local time).
He was seen by a representative of the kennel facility moving about within his crate about 11:00am. Shortly thereafter, a kennel representative noticed Simon was motionless and determined that he passed away.”

Annette Edwards, 65, owner of the giant rabbit states this is all a cover up, and the airlines cremated her bunny without her permission, so she could never find out the truth of Simon’s death. According to the Sun:

“I had been asking United over and over again for his body so that I can have him examined here in Britain but they never got back to me. All I want to know is how he died,” Annette stated.

The airline’s CEO, Oscar Munoz, tried to apologize for Simon’s death, but his analogy to losing a pet and losing luggage didn’t go over too well with anyone – garnering even more criticism:

“We are deeply sorry for the loss of anything from your luggage to, of course, a loved pet,” Munoz said.

What a mess and what a tragedy. Annette had originally thought someone had dropped Simon which may have caused his death, but freezing him and never giving her a reason for her rabbit’s death was even more disturbing the the former playboy bunny.


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23 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    You mean nobody did a necropsy to find a cause for the bunny;s death? United Airlines has some explaining to do, as to why the rabbit was left unattended for 16 hours in the first place. Oscar Munoz, sounds like a moron using an analogy of losing a pet and losing luggage, why would it go over too well with anyone. I would be suing this bunch of incompetent POS’s they should NOT be in the business of transporting pets!

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    First of all this Oscar Munoz person is in need of some serious sensitivity training,he has obviously learned nothing from his dumb insensitive remarks when the doctor was brutalized! I have three dogs and one time I flew my dog from Ohio to Ft.Lauderdale Florida and it was terrible! I will never ever again fly an animal anywhere again unless it can fit under my seat! I’m VERY suspicious about this story because they cremated the bunny WITHOUT the owners permission and it was not their place to make that decision,sounds like they are trying to hide what really happened! Very sad!

    • Patricia says:

      First off the doctor got exactly what he deserved, when asked to leave you leave. I would never ever allow my baby to fly in the cargo hull, he is either on the seat beside me or we drive. United is not at fault on either instance.

      • Ilona Brost says:

        And if it is International then you swim?
        United’s pet transporting program is called “PetSafe”. Sounds to me like it is United’s fault.

      • Andrew says:

        All because an employee of United needed a seat a paid customer had to be removed. Some others were asked and refused. He had patient’s waiting for him plus his wife was with him. So you believe bodily harm was justified? Wow what a heartless person you are! Even United had to admit such measures were not necessary!

      • Patricia says:

        Andrew he acted like an ass and he did not have life or death patients waiting on him yes it was an inconvenience but for a grown man to act like a 5 year old that didn’t get his way is ridiculous. If you believe his behavior was acceptable then it is you who has the problem. Would you let your child act like that if you told them to do something? I hardly think so and if you would I see lots of jail in your child’s future

      • ellen cottone says:

        Patricia you should try to stay on point.
        The facts.
        United will pay in the millions and who are you to comment on his patients. Other flyers were asked and they said no. they werent dragged brokrn nose and teeth down an isle . The real crime is why that doctor? Go on, You know why…
        and thats why united is wrong and you are wrong. Only, united will be paying for their mistake.

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Patricia how about not making paying passengers fix the airlines mistake! How about NOT over booking flights then forcing someone who pays for that flight on that day at that time to get off! These airlines create their own problems and then expect the consumer to correct it! They are wrong and I think the majority of paying passengers agree! STOP OVERBOOKING FLIGHTS!!!

      • Patricia says:

        Sorry disagree act like an idiot get treated like one. Very disappointing that United caved. If you don’t like the way you are treated on the airlines don’t fly. Drive to your destination. I would never in a million years put my baby in a cargo hull. With me on the seat next to me or we drive. Owner is 100% responsible. What a world we live in now where nobody takes responsibility for their own actions.

      • Andrew says:

        He didn’t act up until he was physically assaulted. I don’t have a problem obviously you do since you think physical harm is justified. Would you have refused? Hmmmmm. Why bring children into the picture btw I don’t have any children. Nice try though.

      • linda says:

        ellen good point regarding your comment about the patients. We don’t know what his patient’s concerns were. They could have been about life or death. For someone like Patricia who thinks the doctor got what he deserves tells me as Andrew commented is a heartless person. The video told it all.

  3. ellen cottone says:

    that seems like it could easily been avoided . i think any animal under 100 gets to sit in the seat next to you. Your paying for it how after this many years are mammels treated like luggage.?

  4. ellen cottone says:

    oh ho ho,
    they killed this rabbit by freezing it then the will not return the body and now say they creamated? they are a lying sack of sh*i. The only way to make them care is to make them Pay the Hell Up. I hope the doc lawyers kick their ass.
    I hope Former Playboybunny still has friends in high places. I hope she sues “Successfully!” Also.

    • linda says:

      What right did United have to cremate Simon? I thought Simon’s body should have been given to the new owners. United you suck big time and so does Munoz!

      • ellen cottone says:

        Your right linda, nobody has the right to dispose of a pets body. They already had him on ice. I hope they payout big. this rabbit had an owner. someone worried and waiting for him. its very sad.
        I cant believe they think they can get away with this.

  5. maxiemom says:

    If this story isn’t true, why did United cremate the bunny? It wasn’t their place to do so! They would only do that if they’re hiding something and it appears they’re definitely hiding a lot. I will NEVER fly United under any circumstances.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Once again United has proven its incompetence and attempted to cover up their idiocy by cremating the rabbit. They are responsible for this poor animal’s death – this airline needs a major investigation into its practices.

  7. ellen cottone says:

    all an airline has to do is hire a vet to over see pet transport.every one would travel by that airline. because it looks like a non specialist was under the inpression that the rabbit needed to be put in a freezer compartment.I bet this is the root to all pet deaths. pets at one point are handled by luggage guys and nobody but the paying owner cares.


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