Frail dog rescued from hot car

‘Frail’ dog left inside scorching hot car for an hour – window broken out by officer

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A dog, whose owner referred to as “frail and fragile,” was rescued from the scorching hot interior of a car which was parked in a shopping center in Newmarket, Suffolk. According to Saturday’s publication of The Sun, a responding police officer used a tool to break out one of the car windows in order to save the suffering dog inside.

Shortly after the officer broke out the car window, the dog’s owner returned – the man admitted that he had been away “longer than he thought.”

The dog who had been left inside of the virtual oven on wheels could barely walk when removed – the dog’s owner blamed the dog’s problems on Alzheimers, not the heat inside of the parked car, which had no cracked windows, or water inside.

Thanks to an alert passerby, the dog was saved – if not for the police officer’s intervention, the outcome would have been much, much worse.

Please be vigilant in parking areas – if you see a dog inside of a parked car, reach out for help from the authorities. If you are a dog owner – leave your pet at home during hot weather.

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8 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    OH PLEASE! The dog’s owner blamed the dog’s problems on Alzheimer’s? These morons have no common sense at all! Thanks to the police officer that saved the dog, So what did happen to the dog, was the owner allowed to keep it?

  2. linda says:

    We have heard and seen dogs die in cars in hot weather. Why is it many still take the risk? We all have been warned and educated and yet there is always some ignorant person who continues to do this! SMH! I live in MA and there was a case 3 days ago. Thankfully the dog was saved by bystanders who called the police.

  3. John says:

    Thank God for the LEO who Broke out the Window. I hope the owner has got a Fine for this. You never leave a Pet in a Car, PERIOD!!!!!!

  4. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Just arrest this guy and throw away the key! Thanks to the officer who broke the window and saved this poor dog! Does anyone know where this dog is now?


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