Officer accused of kicking a dying dog

Department apologizes for officer’s crass handling of dog who was hit by a car

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The Painesville Police Department has apologized for the crass manner that one of its officers displayed while handling a dog who had been hit by a car. The department issued an official statement after someone made a Facebook post alleging that an officer had kicked a dog as she lay dying on the ground.

According to the official statement, the person who called in to report the incident advised the department that the dog had already died. A portion of the department’s release reads:

She told me that in her view the Officer was just being lazy, and was kicking at the sheet to cover the dog completely before picking it up, however the officer admitted to nudging the dog with his foot in order to make certain he would not be bitten before picking up the dog. The officer, (unaware children were watching), grabbed the dog by its front legs, and loaded it into the trunk of another officers cruiser who had arrived on scene to assist.

The department added:

We are fully aware that those observing this incident were upset by the abrupt manner in which the officer loaded the dog into the trunk of a cruiser. This could have been alleviated by waiting for another officer to assist, so that the process of picking the dog up would have been more discreet. Doing so would have of course been preferable, and would have allowed us to avoid the appearance that he did not care about the animal.

The Department has apologized to the dog’s owner, and indicated that future situations will be handled better:

We will be making certain that incidents like this will not be handled in this manner in the future, and this incident is under review by myself and our internal investigations supervisors to determine what discipline and or corrective measures will be taken regarding this incident.

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11 replies
  1. ba says:

    OK Let me understand this – this dog was laying on the ground and he was putting a sheet over ok why if he thought she was alive??? why put a sheet on her? he cold have used his hand to pick the sheet up to cover her but decided to use his foot “so he doesn’t get bit”????? then proceeds to pick this innocent soul up by the legs to toss her in a trunk like a bag of trash OMG OMG… the story is he was “afraid” he would get bit by an innocent soul that was deceased????? JUST VERY HEARTBREAKING AND SICKENING how many times has this been done before that no one saw….SHAME ON ALL INVOLVED….karma

    • linda says:

      My concerns are the POS officer didn’t have to wait for assist to have the dog pick up humanly to place the dog in the trunk…he could have done that alone.

    • Darlene Wilson says:

      So the poor dead furry one becomes victimized AGAIN! She’s dead and he still fears her? Why didn’t the puts wait for back up? He exemplifies a true HE-MAN by dragging her, by her front legs, and throws her into the trunk! He knew she was dead so how was she going to bite him? Is there not a step by step system on dealing with dead beings? The kids present learned a valuable lesson. DO NOT TRUST THE POLICE AS YOU MAY END UP IN THEIR CAR TRUNK IF HURT OR DEAD! What a valuable lesson to John Q. Public!. Being as fearful as this officer is he hasn’t the stanina, respect, and compassion as a public servant. KARMA TO YAH HE-MAN!!!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    So do I believe anything will change with the next dog that gets hit by a car? No and I don’t think anything will be done with the officer that so unceremoniously picked up this dog like she was trash! Afraid he would get bit as someone was sitting there comforting the dog as she died! What an excuse!

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    If a person has no COMPASSION the DO NOT DESERVE a JOB assisting Citizens>>> This “officer?’ appears to have a personality disorder called Narcissistic AssHole Syndrome !!! How would he like a nurse or aide to grab his mother’s eyelid and jerk it open to see if she is dead instead of using a stethoscope to check for a pulse!!!! What an horrible example for our youth to witness how our city officials that they are told to respect act!!! He needs to be gone from the force!!!

  4. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Devant cette cruauté, il n’y a pas à réfléchir de la sentence. Il n’a plus rien à faire dans le service de police ainsi que tout les métiers qui ont un rapport avec les animaux. Pas de pitié, aucune excuse pour ce genre de ( personnage )

  5. Jennifer says:

    The department shouldn’t have to apologize, he should. He should apologize with his job. It states he picked up the dog by the legs because he didn’t know children were watching. Does that make it any better for the dying dog in pain?? How about cradling the dying dog in a caring manner? I can only hope when he dies a painful death that he is treated with such callousness. It’s just a shame he goes through life with no heart. At all.


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