Body of missing teen has been found

Tragic update about teen who disappeared while walking family dog

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Tragic news has been released about a teenage girl who disappeared shortly after leaving her Bedford, Texas, home to walk the family dog. On the evening of June 19, 14-year-old Kaytlynn Cargill took her dog for a walk, but she never came home – her dog was later found tied to a fence at a nearby park.

The local authorities did not suspect foul play and an amber alert was not issued for the missing teen, who was believed to be a runaway – according to the New York Post, Cargill’s body has since been found in a landfill.

The Bedford Police Department issued a release about the tragic news – the girl’s body was found on Wednesday in a landfill in Arlington, Texas. The investigation into this tragedy is ongoing – anyone with information is asked to call the police at 817-952-2440.

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24 replies
  1. PetMom says:

    Why wouldn’t you issue an amber alert if a child is missing? WHO CARES if she might be a runaway? The amber alert might have saved her life. What a horrible outcome for this family.

    • linda says:

      My thoughts exactly. A 14 year old missing regardless if she might have been a runaway is still in danger….amber alert should have been issued.

    • Carrie Ainsley says:

      They didn’t have enough information. Amber alerts require descriptions of the adbucter and/or any vehicles that may be involved, along with a degree of certainty that the child is endangered. In this case she left the dog at the park and told people she’d be back, so they knew she willingly left the dog.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      REMEMBER THIS IS TEXASS!!! The state of Unmoral, Unethical, Moronic, Sadistic, Animal Abusers, Bestiality Practicing, Child Molester’s, and a MURDER of a BEAUTIFUL YOUNG GIRL Forever Gone , BECAUSE the LAWENFORCEMENT Is SO LAX AND PATHETIC, Hell LOOK how they TREAT their Service Animals…. That whole state is pathetic …. the oil is the only positive asset that State of Hell has going for it!!! “THIS IS SIMPLY TRAGIC”””

      • Crazy Aunt Jane says:

        You are a bigot and not too smart! This kind of thing happens in every state and yeah the response time was inexcusable but most cities have a couple of days to a week or more before they act on a teen missing! But it can and does happen everywhere. No I’m not from Texas

      • Beth says:

        Go Fuck yourself Jane. You ARE crazy. TEXAS SUCKS and maybe because YOU are not from TEXAS is why YOU don’t know the true statistics! So shut the fuck up until what comes out of your mouth can be proven on paper! If you are to undereducated to understand that phrase, go to a library!

      • Cherokee Bill says:

        How can you say something so stupid.I guess you think you live in the garden of Eden. Don’t engage mouth when brain not at work.

      • pennysdachshunds says:

        Cherokee Bill : read the statistics Numb Nuts: compare the Horrendous amount of articles on JUST the Torture / beatings/murders. Please note I did not point the finger at any particular race. all are guilty I have Native American blood lines on my grandfathers side( Kentucky ) another state with more than the average amount of Animal torture… in fact that is why my grandfather moved to Colorado in the early 1900’s he was born in 1898 and he actually held a job with the railroad for 47-1/2 years.. No our state is not the Garden of EDEN ,, BUT it isn’t the HELL HOLE for ANIMALS , spouse abuse, child neglect, and molestations that Texass has either… open those brown eyes and Really look at what is going on….

  2. Elaine Briden says:

    OMG I’d be livid. Why didn’t the parents ask for an amber alert to be issued. Now the parents have to live with this. That is just horrible beyond comprehension. I couldn’t live with myself. RIP sweetheart, sorry you were let down in life.

  3. Tracy Young says:

    I Agree!! I feel like they should have issued an Amber alert even if she was a run away she was still under age and needed to be found!!!! Any missing child should warrant an Amber alert regardless of the circumstances!!!! Tragic ending! RIP sweet Angel!

  4. ellen cottone says:

    What about it,
    did not seem like an emergency?

    Why didn’t you just ask the dog to lead you,
    In the direction…..
    when you found him tied to a fence??
    A captive witness. Dying to tell!
    What the he’ll is the matter with you idiots.
    This is how you run your community !?


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