Officer accused of kicking a dying dog

Officer accused of kicking a dying dog
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A police officer with the Painesville Police Department in Ohio is accused of a despicable act of cruelty towards a dying pit bull. The alleged situation was posted to the department’s Facebook page by someone who claims to have witnessed the dog being kicked in the head as she lay dying on the ground.

A portion of the witnesses’ post to the Facebook page explains what allegedly happened:

I’m so lost for words for what happened yesterday. A beautiful pitbull got hit in front of my work yesterday, grateful many people stopped to see if she was okay unfortunately she was dying I sat there petting her head for her last breath makin sure she knew she wasn’t alone. Some nice person gave her a sheet to be covered with so she could be comfortable. As the painesville police officer arrived he then grabbed the dog by her legs kicked her in the head n threw her in the truck of his cruiser.

The damning post has generated a great deal of outrage and the department has indicated that an investigation into what happened has been started. On Friday morning, the department issued a post to its Facebook page about the incident:

Regarding the incident that involves one of our officers. We currently have 3 of the department’s supervisor’s working actively as we look into this incident in detail. We are in the process of contacting everyone who was on scene, and are reaching out to the parents of the children who witnessed this. We have already spoken to the owners, and more information will follow this afternoon. Thank you to those who have helped us looking into this and relayed what occurred we greatly appreciate your time.

Sincerely, Acting Chief Dan Waterman

According to WKYC, the department has reached out to the dog’s owner with apologies over what happened.

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  1. Yesterday we read about police and firefighters that rescued a dog from under a log and sat with an elderly dying dog named Buddy until he was able to be taken to his family at the Vet’s office. Now we read this!. No compassion what so ever, There are some that are meant to serve and protect and then there are these despicable humans that would be better served in some other occupation! I’m so sorry for this dog and his family!

  2. To the angel who stayed with her and stroked her head as she died…..No good deed goes unanswered…..Thank you for your compassion,to bad the asshole cop chose to be a moron!!!!!

  3. OMG, I hope this isn’t true but I fear it is – way too many cops with a holier-than-thou attitude – like they can’t be bothered with a dying dog, they have better things to do. RIP sweet dog. My heart breaks that your last minutes were in the back of some POS cop’s trunk.

  4. I’m very sad that this officer was so insensitive to the dying dog. Why kick the dog in the head and then throw her in the car as if she was garbage? Where did he take the dying dog? If the dog was still alive why wasn’t she taken to the vet. The owner of the dog is no better by letting the dog roam freely and this officer should be suspended without pay.

  5. This kind of behavior is why so many people including people like me, who grew up around cops and respected them, have come to regard so many cops as scum. They have no respect for the law, nor for the people they represent, and when it comes to our pets, if they look at my dog as if he or she is a toaster, that creature is no more than a walking piece of garbage who has no business wearing a badge and is yes, nothing but a piece of scum.

    RIP innocent dog. I am sorry you were abused in your last moments on this earth.

  6. pray that they terminate his employment, and that someone does him the exact same way when his worthless life is over.. There is no excuse for this horrific treatment of this dog..ugh!!!!!!???? Poor sweetly in the arms of God now ????????❤????????????????

  7. Low life scum bag!! Unfortunately NOTHING will be done to this heartless asshole! But he can eat shit and die as far as I’m concerned!

  8. Seriously grabbing the dog’s legs and kicking it in the head was necessary?! Nice job you fucking POS officer. The last moments of the dog’s life should have been care and compassion!

  9. As bad as that was, the comments by supposedly civilized people on the Painesville PD’s are horribly mean. They are taunting the people that were with Sadie when she passed as well as the compassionate animal rescuers and others that express concern about the incident. Humanity is definitely doomed.

  10. This officer is fortunate that I’m not his neighbor, because I would surely kill him for being a POS. The poor dog was dying, and there was no need to kick her in the head. It’s obvious that to him, she was “just another dog”. I hope that when Karma catches up with him, he dies an extremely painful and slow death, because that is what he deserves.

  11. I hope that asshole gets FIRED and put in JAIL!!!! Thats the least to be done to him!!!!! He’s an ASSHOLE!!!!

  12. En tant que propriétaire, je porterait plainte contre l’agent qui a fait ça. Ce barbare doit être sévèrement condamné pour avoir brutalisé un animal mourant. Il ne mérite pas de servir la société. S’est un sous homme. HONTE À CE CONSANGUIN.

  13. Sadly NOTHING is going to be done with this useless piece of crap officer!!!! Don’t get me wrong I stand behind and support law enforcement 100% but then you run across the few who are nothing more than useless pieces of crap plane and simple!!! I would love to kick him in the head and throw him in the back of a garbage truck where he belongs!!! KARMA will come back to bite him in the backside when he’s least expecting it!!!

  14. Another example of cops who think they are above the law and can get away with whatever they want – this piss poor example of a human being has proven his inability to function as a police officer – he treated a dying dog like a piece of trash and he should be treated like the hunk of sewer slime he is – FIRE HIS MISERABLE ASS – MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF HIM – POST HIS PICTURE SO ALL IN PAINESVILLE OHIO CAN SEE WHAT THEY HIRE.

  15. Why does this act surprise anyone? This officer needs to be terminared and prosecuted for this! This dog was dying there was no excuse for his actions! The fact that their are alot of witnesses to this act will ensure this cop will not be able to lie! Karma she is a bitch and for this cop she will be paying a visit!


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