False allegations hurt a dog grooming business

Facebook post accusing groomer of injuring dog determined to be false

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A disgruntled client, who publicly accused a grooming business of severely injuring a small, mixed-breed dog, caused an uproar on social media following a damning Facebook post about the alleged incident. According to Monday’s Syracuse.com, the allegations made against the business, Carm’s Dog House, were later determined to be completely false.

The trouble began when Chuck Cesario, the son of the owner of the injured dog, left a scathing review accusing a groomer at Carm’s Dog House of breaking the dog’s leg. The dog, named “Rocky,” was so horribly injured that a veterinarian determined that he needed to see a specialist for surgery.

Suffice to say, the allegation which was posted on Facebook resulted in a huge uproar from customers, who quickly began canceling appointments and harassing the business.

But it turns out that although the dog was truly injured, his injuries had nothing to do with his grooming appointment with Carm’s Dog House. In fact, surveillance footage taken near the dog owner’s apartment complex revealed that Rocky was hit by a car while he was being walked, off leash, by one of his owner’s relatives. The incident happened a few hours after the dog’s grooming appointment on May 20.

Cesario, the man who stirred up the hornet’s nest of outrage on social media, later issued an apology to the business, acknowledging that Rocky was not injured because of anything that they had done.

Though the damage to the business’ reputation was significant, there has been an outpouring of support for Carm’s Dog House by happy, satisfied customers who want the truth about what happened to be shared as virally as the false allegation was.

(Image via Facebook/screenshot via Syracuse.com)

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5 replies
  1. pennydachshund says:

    THANK YOU for PUBLISHING THIS STORY:::: This a CLASSIC CASE of Mean and Heartless People are in every walk of life>>> This POS went out of his way to harm innocent and caring Providers of a Necessary and Caring Professional Groomer!! Why because HE COULD!!!! I hope the file a suite against him for the damage he caused…. HE doesn’t deserve the animal he has ( his OWN FAMILY CAUSED THE HARM TO THE PRECIOUS DOG) HOLY COW!!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Hey Chuck Cesario, before you go accusing someone of abuse, make sure you have your fact’s straight! No your apology probably isn’t going to help this business, If I were them I would be suing you!

  3. audrey says:

    What a PRICK! He should be sued! Did it ever occur to him to ask his dad what really happened? Dad is probably a prick as well.

  4. J. Martin says:

    I agree that this asshat should get sued. He caused damage to this business with his false accusations; Because people cancelled appointments and they lost business because of this moron!!!! That and the fact they were being hassled by people. Probably threatened too .. I’d imagine. Hey UPCHUCK .. next time you lay blame .. make sure it’s on the right person (who’s the dickwad that walked the dog off leash to begin with that cause it to be hit by a car?)

  5. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I suspect the owner was hoping to get the business to pay the vet bill for the dog’s injuries. Idiots walking a dog off-leash and then almost destroying an innocent business with their false statements. I’ll be honest, I rather hope the owner of the grooming business takes them to civil court for damages. At least the dog will be okay.


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