Young mother dog and newborn puppies dumped in shelter night box

Young mother and newborn puppies dumped in shelter night drop box
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Someone failed to get their young dog altered and then allowed her to get pregnant – when the newborn puppies arrived, that same person took the entire family and dropped them at a night drop box at a busy California animal control agency.

A woman who hopes to see this family rescued reached out to the Pet Rescue Report over the weekend with a request for help – she wrote:

This cute little Mom, barely a year old herself, and her seven newborn puppies were dumped in the “night drop box” at the shelter on May 17. Totally heartbreaking. Mom looks really cute and is a good mother according to the shelter staff, but I was just told by the shelter staff that this little mother and puppies have had zero interest from any rescues or adopters, and urgently need to get out now.

Some of the Petharbor listings for the newborn puppies have already been deleted – it is unclear of some of the puppies may have passed away. Busy animal control agencies, full of dogs who may or may not have been provided with shots, is no place for a newborn puppy to be.

Please take a moment to network the following adoption information – you may help save a life.

Riverside County Animal Control – Riverside Shelter at (951) 358-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A1364658/A1364445

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  1. PLEASE some rescue group step up and save this family – they all deserve a safe loving home which they obviously never had. These idiots who take dogs/cats and decline to get them spayed/neutered are useless wastes.

  2. The shear number of horrible acts performed by humans toward animals is mindnumbing! Everyday im inundated with what humans have visited on animals and for me this is what ive dedicated my life to! What is sad that the number of cruelty cases being proscuted is neglegible! The punishments are sadly not what they should be!

  3. OMG! This just rips my heart to shreads!! Dogs are just so disposable to our society!! Dogs are living,feeling,thinking beings but are killed like mere garbage in the trash can! Oh how I hope and pray these precious little souls are rescued! So immoral,so sickening and so WRONG!!!! Bb


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