smiling dog creates a stir

Everyone is clamoring for shelter’s ‘smiling dog’

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What does it take for a dog to get adopted? Sometimes a “story,” and other times something like an infatuation with a stuffed animal. For one dog in Waller, Texas, it’s a smile.

Everyone is clamoring to adopt one smiling dog who is at the City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue. The popular dog, named “Cheech,” arrived at the shelter on Thursday. In a Facebook post, the shelter wrote:

Y’all… this smiling dog we got in at the shelter yesterday is ridiculous! #ICantEven

We are 100% donation based, if you’d like to donate towards Cheech’s vetting click the link below.…/animal-shelter-donation-form

In short order, Cheech’s awesome grin created quite a stir – in fact, the post was shared over 1100 times!

On Saturday, the shelter addressed the dog’s popularity and reminded potential adopters that there are MANY dogs who are waiting for their forever homes:

If everyone fought over our other dogs like they are Cheech (the smiling dog) my life would be much easier 😂💙

We have plenty of available dogs for adoption, they’re all awesome and looking for forever homes. We’ve taken each of these dogs from the pound on their euthanasia dates, vaccinated and vetted them. Each come with a free spay or neuter, free rabies and Parvo vaccination, and a free vet check up.

Cheech already has multiple adoption applications pending – if you are interested in one of the other hopeful pets at the shelter, find the Facebook page for the City of Waller shelter here.

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  1. Cynthia Como says:

    I had a dog like this! She was the most beautiful,sweet,smart,loving and amazing dog I have ever owned or had contact with!!!! When u talked sweet to her or said her name she would smile just like Cheeta! I have three fur babies now that I love and adore but there will NEVER,EVER be one like my smiling girl! We had named her Muttly after an old cartoon dog that smiled! But I now wished we had named her something prettty just like her beautiful being! She set the bar so high that even tho I love all dogs no dog will ever compare to her! I still all these years later deeply miss her each and every day!!! And boy oh boy I agree with the shelter staff in that there are so many wonderful loving dogs that deserve a home and family of their very own that I wish all that want Cheeta would consider adopting!

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    All it takes is one story per animal, they need to think how that animal is special, each animal is special in its own way. Look for that and broadcast it nationwide!


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