Police officer rescues kitten and raccoon found cuddled together in dumpster

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A Knoxville, Tennessee police officer has been receiving a ton of praise after he discovered a kitten and a raccoon cuddled together in the corner of a dumpster keeping each other warm. On the Facebook page for the Knoxville Police Department, Animal Control Officer Nick Powell had been responding to a report of an animal stuck in a dumpster. Oh my! When the officer arrived, he found the unlikely pair snuggled together as if they had been friends since birth.

Knoxville Police Department Animal Control Officer Nick Powell responded recently to a call of an animal stuck in a dumpster at the E-911 Center on Bernard Avenue. When Officer Powell looked inside the dumpster he located tow unusual companions – a kitten and a baby raccoon – cuddled in the corner keeping each other warm. Both animals were rescued by Animal Control Officer Powell.”

The department did post a happy update on Thursday; the kitten has been transported to Young Williams Animal Center and the baby raccoon was relocated and released.

(Photos of kitten and raccoon rescued via Knoxville PD)

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5 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Thank you Animal Control Officer Powell for doing such a fantastic job rescuing these two animals. They indeed look like they have been together all their lives. Hope they both find families to join.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Thank you Officer Powell for your kindness to both the kitten and the raccoon – it is heartwarming to hear that some people are compassionate and caring towards all animals.

  3. Laurette says:

    Why did they return the baby raccoon to the wild it’s obvious it’s very young and was bonded with the kitten.
    Couldn’t you make an attempt to keep them together and find them a home together?


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