Ignored by humans, helpless stray found carrying her dead puppy

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Ignored by humans, the helpless stray fought a losing battle trying to keep her tiny puppies safe. When volunteers were notified of three tiny puppies roaming the streets, they acted as quickly as they could. Nighttime in the valley of south Texas can be dangerous.

Originally there had been six puppies. By the time they were all found, two had been hit by a car; one had just died. Two puppies had been captured and rushed to the emergency veterinarian near Dallas. One puppy is still missing. And most tragic of all – the mother dog had been found carrying a dead puppy in her mouth; she tried her best to protect her family.


Such is the plight of homeless dogs. Such was the plight of this mother who had been abandoned by her uncaring owner and left on the cold and dirty streets to fight her own way. Had it not been for the efforts of volunteers and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who stepped up to help, unimaginable horrors would have  flooded the dog’s daily lives; most likely all of the puppies would have met untimely and painful deaths.

“This is their reality; the reality of homeless dogs – ignored by humans all over our country. Every day this is happening,” explained Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization. “Momma you did your best; it just wasn’t enough. We will now do our best to give this family a new beginning. They are safe with us a RDR NYC.”


Please check out the photos; their needs are immediate. All are safe at an emergency veterinarian.

Follow the National Pet Rescue.

(Photos of stray found carrying her dead puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Donations can be made:

PayPal at [email protected]

or www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate

Please network for a foster home in the Dallas area for this family.

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  1. So sad. I’m sorry some of your babies died, even though you tried your best to keep them safe. I’m sorry your POS owner abandoned you so you were forced to survive on the streets of Texas. Thank you again RDR for your compassion and love for animals and for giving this mama dog and her remaining pups the care and love they so much deserve.

  2. Unfortunately this is not uncommon and happening to many animals. Wandering the streets because their so called owners cast them out and we as humans do nothing about this. When is the compassion for these animals. Yes, RDR and other rescues are there doing as much as they can for many of these dogs but as a nation we have turned a blind eye to what is happening. What is our nation going to do about the senseless torture and killing of pets, those in shelters who aren’t adopted? None of this is there fault but because a human kept breeding the momma dog to make money for themselves. Dog fighting and bait dogs must be gone after, shut down, and all parties jail forever.

  3. I REALLY find it Dishearting that the RESIDENTS of Texas are so dysfunctional and disconnected with any type of feelings for the animal population in that STATE that they can just turn their heads and go on as if everything is “JUST A+OK” I think the “higher power” has just abandoned the concept of anyone having compassion, love, and a sense of decency in that State and has just moved on….

  4. Again, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came to the rescue of these dogs when, as usual, the inhumane humans just ignored her. Way to go Texas, you are right up there with the vile cruelty of China.

  5. Poor Loving Desperate Mother. Probably starving herself, she still desperately tried to care for her babies, Bless her and them. I hope she and they are soon in a worm, loving “Home”!


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