Dog found covered in motor oil picked up by animal control officer

Dog found covered in motor oil
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A dog is recovering in Prince George County, Virginia, after being found covered in motor oil. This week, the hound, dubbed “Castor,” was picked up by an animal control officer and taken to the Prince George County Animal Shelter.

Apparently, the motor oil is not intentional cruelty, but rather an old “home remedy” myth to cure a skin condition. The animal shelter explained,

It is hard to believe that people still believe the myth that putting motor oil on a dog will cure mange.

Motor oil is far from a cure – in fact (though not surprising) the substance is highly toxic to dogs – especially if they try to groom themselves and ingest it. The animal shelter reminded Facebook followers that there are several real options to treat mange – much safer and more effective than using toxic oil:

There are a variety of cost effective treatments for mange and your veterinarian can discuss these options with you. Please do not use motor oil. “Castrol” is safe at the Adoption Center now getting ready for this next round of bathing.

Interested in meeting Castor (who is described as a lovable, friendly dog)? Call the shelter at 804-991-3200.

Find the Prince George County Animal Shelter on Facebook here.

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  1. Poor dog was used for hunting. I see the number “3” on his side. Hunters who can’t tell their dog(s) apart or from other hunters’ dogs will “brand” them. Sometimes they paint the numbers on. Other times they use the fog from dry ice to bleach out the area around the number. Any way you look at it, this poor hound wasn’t part of a loving family. Praying he finds one now. I’d have 20 of these hounds if I could. They are wonderful! Sharing with prayers.

  2. Apparently some backwoods redneck needs to come into the 21st century – and those in Prince George County Animal Control have a cruel sense of humor to name him “Castor” – NOT FUNNY. This poor dog needs to get out of there ASAP –

  3. This poor dog!! I’m wondering just how much of that toxic oil her ended up kicking off of himself,NOT GOOD!!! So glad he will have a chance at a new life!


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