Man accused of throwing two toy poodles off parking garage being held on $350K bond

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An Oak Lawn, Illinois man accused of throwing two toy poodles off the top of a parking garage at Advocate Christ Medical Center on Saturday remains in custody after his bond was set at $350,000. Edward Hanania, 22, has been charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Oak Lawn police stated Hanania falsely claimed he owned the two poodles after the dogs were found wandering the streets on Thursday. When the woman who found the dogs posted an ad on social media, Hanania went to her house, gave her a $20 reward and claimed the dogs were his. The next day he dropped both dogs off the fifth floor of the hospital’s parking lot. The disturbing incident was caught on video surveillance.

One of the dogs died and the other – a year-old named Angel survived; he suffered bruised lungs and a broken leg.

According to Hanania’s defense attorney, Chuck Ingles, his client denies throwing the dogs stating he didn’t do it, but signed a confession. He claimed there was a third person. Police are investigating a claim Hanania had been seen walking a third dog before the incident.¬†Hanania is not expected to bail out, but the judge ruled if he does, he is required to surrender any pets in his possession or living with him at his parents’ home. Prosecutors also plan to charge him with violating the conditions of his parole for a prior felony drug charge for selling heroin within 1,000 feet of a school. He was convicted and sentenced to two years probation.

The Animal Welfare League posted the story and an update on Angel:

“Once the Animal Welfare League had the surviving dog stabilized, a microchip was discovered and the dog’s true owner was contacted. The owner, a man who wishes to remain anonymous as this heartbreaking moment in his life is surreal. The owner is completely distraught over the loss of the oldest dog named Guerro and the suffering of his youngest dog named Angel. Angel wagged his bruised little tail with joy when he saw his owner. Both dogs were well cared for, a member of the family. Angel the Poodle has the sweetest personality. He is very loving and likes to give kisses. He will need surgery to have pins put in his leg. He is in good spirits, but on a long road to recovery. Surgery is scheduled for May 23rd and his recovering update will be given throughout the next week. The miracle of surviving such a fall is beyond amazing. This dog named Angel appears to have his own little doggie guardian angel. The Animal Welfare League would like to give a Special Thanks to the Oak Lawn Police and Detectives for finding and containing the man who committed this horrible act of violence to these two poor defenseless animals.”

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Photos of Angel courtesy of Animal Welfare League.

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  1. Perhaps this could all have been avoided if the woman who found the two dogs had taken them to a vet or a shelter to check for microchips BEFORE she gave them to a stranger for $20!!!!! Instead she just posted on social media and gave the little dogs away to a felon who likely had no proof of ownership. Moron. She should be held liable as well.

    • you got it. she was so hopeing to get a reward thats why didnt go to a shelter or a vet. Ihope she enjoys the 20 she sold her soul for.

    • She could have cared less about the dogs, her major concern was for $$$ – and I agree, she should be held liable – these innocent dogs, one killed, one injured are HER fault for her lackadaisical attitude.

  2. I pray this pig who did this will be thrown off a bridge into the river with alligators & eaten up pray for doggie bg

  3. Thank God and then throw him off the Building…he should have to do community service and pick up dog shit for the rest of his life…POS Human

  4. So another responsible owner who actually had the forethought to micro chip his dogs has this happen to his pets! Why did the “good Samaritan” that found them not demand some sort of proof of ownership from this moron and here is a concept, why didn’t she take them to the shelter to see if they WERE micro chipped? Why are we wasting our money of chipping our pets if this happens? As for Hanania, he didn’t do this but signed a confession, it’s too bad he wasn’t thrown in jail for the drug charges, this would never have happened, an innocent dog wouldn’t be hurt and one wouldn’t have lost it’s life!

      • Linda he was also caught about a month ago on camera in the parking lot of Target beating a dog that also wasn’t his!!! He is a total sicko and is someone I think will move on to humans!

  5. This Drug Dealer should be eliminated !!! pure and simple he is Brain Dead and Evil, Sadistic, Psychopathic, his parents should be very careful having him even in their home ( unless of curse unless they are JUST LIKE this EVIL BASTARD)!!!

  6. What a rotten piece of shit! He says he didn’t do it? Liar! In the other article his attorney says he’s a licensed real estate agent…..LOL!

    • The surviving dog does not need adoption. He has an owner who is still upset over the loss of the other one. He microchipped his dogs and the knuckled headed woman who found them apparently never checked for a chip. She posted on social media and “sold” them to a felon for a $20 “reward” so he could throw them from a building. She should go to jail to for reckless endangerment. I’d file a civil suit against her.

      • I’m with you, by taking money for these dogs, she basically stole the dogs and sold them to a killer! I too think a civil suit is in order against her, she should have been more responsible!

  7. $350,000. bail sounds like he will be sitting for awhile and I hope EVERY DAY he is tortured, beaten, used as a girlfriend, and ignored by the guards. Now that he has violated probation and confessed to his animal cruelty – may his useless ass get the punishment he deserves – becoming a victim of predatory inmates.



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