Dejected old-timer awaits his fate

Dejected old-timer awaits his fate at lonely animal control

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A dejected old-timer awaits his fate behind the bars of his lonely kennel run at an animal control agency in rural Texas. This sad boy is “Simba.” What happened in his life, before he arrived at an animal shelter in Nueces County, is a mystery.

Did he love to chase balls or roll in the grass? Or was he kept outside alone on a chain? The past is not known, but his future, if he is saved, holds the potential to be good.

Please help Simba find his happily-ever-after by sharing his adoption information.

Information below is provided by the volunteer-run Facebook page, Nueces County, Tx: Dogs in need of Rescue:

He is available NOW for ADOPTION or RESCUE.
FMI call 410-608-2195 or text 361-336-4369.
He’s in k29 at Nueces CountyRobstown.

Facebook thread here.

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Good ol’ Texas where no animal is safe – PLEASE some kind person rescue this senior dog and give his last days one of love and affection – he deserves it.

    • Becky Harris says:

      Have been in contact with Charlie at Nueces CountyRobstown. She has given me the information regarding driving down and adopting Simba. This is a 700 mile trip, one way. This means I would have to stay one night, maybe two in order to get his required (by them)vetting done.
      This is the first time I can even think about being able to help one of these dogs. But I CANNOT do it without you all’s help. PLEASE HELP ME HELP SIMBA!
      my email :

      Look me up on Facebook. (Becky Harris) Most of my posts are about saving dogs.

    • Becky Harris says:

      hey Beth, I’m from Texas and trying to save him!! I’ve been in contact with the shelter, gotten all the information I need to drive down and get him. I’ve asked for help with those expenses because I don’t have that much extra money right now.

      Somebody, anybody please help me help Simba. $5-10 here and there would really go a long way!! I told Charlie at the shelter I hoped to drive down Weds. That gives me three days to raise the funds. This trip is 700 miles one way!!! There’s adoption costs and a motel (low rent) for hopefully only one night.

    • Becky Harris says:

      *********************************URGENT, URGENT, URGENT, URGENT************************************

      I have been told NOW or never. The shelter is FULL and Simba’s time was up last week. Even if I got in my car right this minute they will not guarantee Simba will still be alive. Well, of course, I will be checking the whole trip down when I can leave.

      PLEASE HELP ME SAVE SIMBA!!!!! If you can help please click the link below:

      thank you


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