Coyote killed family’s little dog

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It’s a very sad day for a Durham, North Carolina family after a coyote killed their little dog by snatching her from their backyard. In a report by WralNews, dog owner Lamar Rowland can’t forget about the tragic death of their bonded Maltese named Lilly:

“It’s like a child being ripped out from under you,” Lamar stated. “Because our dogs were so attached to the family, and not being able to help. It was late at night. Going out trying to search was like a needle in a haystack. It’s been painful experiencing it,” Rowland said. “It’s hard to believe that in this day and time, we can’t find a way of controlling this wildlife.”

The family lives near a wooded area. Unfortunately, coyotes have been forced out of their own environments by urban development, and when area residents do not contain their trash and leave out food for wild animals, the predators roam in residential areas.  Even koi ponds, chickens and rabbits not securely protected by effective screening, can attract coyotes. Never feed coyotes – that is only an encouragement for the animals to come around.

What should you do if you encounter a coyote? Experts agree to harass them; stand up straight, yell at them, throw rocks at them and flail your arms to scare them away. Make sure your dogs are leashed; rarely will a coyote try to attack a dog accompanied by a human and never let a coyote get between you and your pet or a child. Never turn your back on a coyote, and notify government officials the moment you are safely away from the animal.

And one of the best pieces of advice – do not leave your dogs and cats out at night. Coyotes are also just trying to survive and nourish their young.

(Photo of coyote killed family dog via screenshot from WralNews)

Rest in peace Lilly.

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8 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    The comment that coyotes are moving around because of urban development is a slippery slope argument. I lived in Arizona where there was hundreds of acres for them to roam. They go to where they know there’s food. It doesn’t matter if your trash is contained; they topple garbage cans, rip open plastic bags, scale 8′ fences AND try to snatch pets off leashe’s with owners right there as well as ambush people and leashed pets where several of them will work in unison!!!!! They are menacing foragers and they make a mess. I cleaned up hundreds of half devoured rabbit bodies. You have to do your best with keeping garbage cans covered or inside until pick-up day. Do NOT feed these bastards. They will come back. You feed one and it’s like they tell all the others where there’s food. I’ve heard people say they only feed them because we’re encroaching on their environment. That didn’t hold true where I lived because as I said there were hundreds of acres and they just came into town. And they do travel during the day. But stupid people still feed them. And unfortunately even a six foot high fence doesn’t always work. Best thing is a chain link fence, or “rollers” on a block wall. But don’t give me this shit about Urban Development – that is not the only reason.

  2. maxiemom. says:

    There are many reasons I never let my dogs outside without me, and coyotes are one of them. We’ve seen them in the neighborhood and not too far away, and I have no intention of having either of them harmed or attacked by one, or a human wild animal, for that matter.

    • maxiemom. says:

      This is heartbreaking for her family (who really should have known better with the woods so close by). I hope Lilly’s end was QUICK. RIP little girl.

      • linda says:

        You’re right they should have known better especially at night. They should have been watching out for her. Contrary to what the experts say where I live in Massachusetts coyotes have attacked small dogs that were leashed along side with the owners. RIP Lily.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Coyotes are all over the place, we had a small dog killed by one not too long ago near where I live. Small pets should not be left outside alone whether you think there is a Coyote in the area or not. My Beagle has 3 big German Shepherd brothers and sister to watch over her but i still watch when they are out. I’m so sorry for this family losing their Lily like this. It’s just heartbreaking.

  4. Bunny Peters says:

    RIP Lily. Your humans failed you. They did not watch over you and keep you safe from large predators as they were supposed to…………..

    Where I live, in a suburban area, it’s not just coyotes that attack small pets, it’s also large birds of prey. My neighbors lost their cat to a large hawk (I found her remains in my yard 🙁 & wish I could “unsee” it)……. we have 2 raptor migrations each year, so vigilance is essential…….

    If you have small pets, YOU MUST keep them safe from predators (animal AND avian)…… it’s YOUR JOB as a pet parent………


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