Firefighter allegedly shot and killed dog over a missing work boot

Couple claims firefighter shot and killed their dog over a work boot

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A Georgia couple claims that their neighbor, who is a firefighter with the Carroll County Fire Department, walked into their yard and fatally shot their dog over a missing work boot. According to WSBTV News, the troubling incident happened on Wednesday night and claimed the life of a four-year-old boxer named Junior.

Junior’s owner, Holly Baird, is upset that her family’s dog was killed and that the alleged shooter never bothered to knock on the door to ask about the missing boot – she told the news agency, “He should not have walked in the back of the yard No. 1, on my property. No. 2, he should have called.”

The shooter, who has not been named, is not being charged – he has claimed that Junior charged him when he walked into the Baird’s yard and that he feared for his safety. Exactly why he went into the couple’s yard, armed with a loaded gun, is not known.

The neighbor’s work boot was discovered at the Baird’s house, but they think that it was their puppy, “Cupcake,” who took the boot, not Junior, the dog who paid for the canine crime with his life.

(Image via screenshot WSBTV News)

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24 replies
    • BA says:

      How Barbaric OMG…this scum isn’t being charged????? are they kidding me….the POS went onto there property #1 oh and #2 trespassed….and just like the cops used lies that the dog “attacked” ARE THEY KIDDING ME…..this trash went onto there property with a loaded gun – jail this feces….this poor dog was slaughtered and i hope the owners of this angel dont let this trash walk off….then to boot Junior wasnt the one who took his filthy boot OMG jail this creep…JUSTICE FOR THIS DOG AND FAMILY…..

  1. Angela Corso says:

    If this firefighter has a temper so much that a boot would send him off, then he needs to be removed from public service. What could he possibly do to a human if the circumstances were right. Yikes!!! RIP.

  2. Jennie Brennan says:

    Why no charges! You shouldn’t be walking into your neighbors back yard with a loaded gun, that should have told the police that he was there to do harm to someone or something. This person needs to be charged!

  3. Patricia says:

    So he is trespassing and murders their dog and somehow it’s the dogs fault for protecting his home? WTF Everyone please call and harass the police department, mayor, DA etc…

  4. Mary Ann Clark says:

    The firefighter needs to be identified and arrested and fired permanently! If the city does not comply in imprisoning this dangerous person they should be sued!

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    Maybe he shouldn’t leave his “work boot” where a dog can carry it off in the first place. They don’t know why “exactly” he went into the yard with a loaded gun? Let me tell you, he was going to shoot their dog! He needs to be charged if for nothing else going into someone’s yard and discharging a gun. I love the “feared for their safety” excuse! This POS needs to be charged for needlessly killing a dog in his OWN yard and fired from the Fire Department, they don’t need someone like this on the force!

  6. Tammie says:

    Why didn’t police ask why the guy had a loaded gun on the neighbors property. Seems like this was premeditated, I mean…if the dog charged him…it is pretty ironic that he just happened to have his gun handy..??that BS.
    Not to mention the guy had no proof who took the boot. I’d be suing that SOB along with making his life miserable living next to me.

  7. Sherry says:

    This is a travesty of justice here. WHY in the hell is he getting away with this? He “feared for his life” PLEASE ! with a loaded gun? and what the hell are you doing breaking in to the neighbors back yard and intruding…Get real. These authorities aren’t charging him because either they know him, he’s a firefighter, something else is going on here. Total bullshit. You can’t just go RAMBO ing around with guns shooting dogs in someone else’s yard. DAMN this pisses me off. Please, Junior’s family, do not let this go at this. This creep just simply CAN NOT get away with this !!!So outraged for this family and I hope they can find peace living next to FRIGGIN Charles mason psycho. Rest in peace Junior and watch your other dog like a hawk or MOVE away if you can’t get help from authorities. I wouldn’t want that time bomb anywhere near me or my family.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      You nailed it Sherry – this maggot is not charged because of his job, another friggin out of control ahole who used that same old cop lie – ‘the dog charged him’ – this bastard should be arrested but that won’t happen, I guess the BIG BLUE WALL once again goes up and covers up lousy city employees. A poor dog died because of an out of control idiot with a gun – seems there are a lot of them employed by U.S. cities.

  8. maxiemom says:

    Since when is a TRESPASSER allowed to enter someone’s property and allowed to shoot and kill their dog without repercussions?

    That firefighter must be great friends of the local cops. It’s also a safe bet that the cops don’t take crimes against animals seriously, nor do they take anyone’s 4th amendment rights seriously, either (though I hate to think of dogs as property).

    The couple would have been within their rights to shoot the bastard: would those same cops have charged them, or let them off the hook?

  9. pamela bolton says:

    Sick of this “feared for my safety” BS If he feared for his safety, what was he doing in the neighbors yard to begin with. This POS needs charged with trespassing and murder.

  10. susan says:

    This complete BS!!! He should never went into the neighbors for any reason!!! Even if Junior charged so what….Junior was doing what he is suppose to do defend his yard and his pack!!!! Charges need to be filed!!!!

  11. Animsl Advocate says:

    He was trespassing and not arrested plus shooting in a residential area. No charges filed. Probably had connections in good ole boy state. Too bad the homeowners didn’t shoot his sorry ass saying it was in their defense! Why would anyone walk in someone’s backyard with a gun? And the poor dog was the victim in his own yard!!

  12. Linda Szymoniak says:

    He needs to be charged. 1) he was trepassing. 2) he was carrying a weapon. 3) he had NO proof that the dog took his boot. To shoot and kill a dog over a fricking missing boot? Monster! The family needs to sue.

  13. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    This is HORRIBLE!!!! That Fire Fighter had NO right to go into their yard. Come On you can’t figure out why he went in there with a loaded gun???? What the hell do you need to charge this asshole with this atrocity????

  14. Jersey says:

    This makes me sick as these people are trusted with people in their time of need, clearly he should not be in public services. He is a disgrace to other good public servants. P.s. if this man came into my yard with a weapon and killed my dog-I would be in fear of my life and put a bullet in his head.


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