Can you spot the dog?: Photo of dog in kitchen baffles social media

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Who would think such a plain photo of someone’s kitchen could baffle social media viewers and go viral on the Internet? The photo shows a large refrigerator, a white door, a trash can and two area rugs. Within that tidy room, however is a dog. Can you spot him? Thousands of views later and still many viewers are rubbing their eyes.

The photo was uploaded to Facebook by Christina Suvo, who lives in Sydney, and left viewers totally baffled when she asked if anyone could spot her dog? And as it left many people getting closer to their computers, Ipads and phones, at first glance there just doesn’t seem to be a dog anywhere.

Now look closer; you may be able to spot the dog’s collar standing out just a bit from the background. Others have stated they could see the lighter color of the dog’s inner ears. So check out the black area rug under the dishwasher. Do you see him now?

Obviously there are some very astute observers as the comments rolled in on Christina’s Facebook page:

James Stewart: “Carpet”

Juan Romero Smit: “Found it! Easy, probably a labrador, can I say the colour? Too many clues already.”

If you haven’t spotted it, don’t feel like you are alone. Lots of people are still turning their phones and Ipads around and around going “huh”?

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    • Janie Ledergerber says:

      Me too. You can see where he has his mouth open a little and his pink tongue. Pictures like that–you have to look for things like same colour on same colour.


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