Caitlyn's abuser denied parole

Caitlyn’s abuser has been denied parole

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A parole board made a decision on Wednesday morning regarding Caitlyn’s abuser, 43-year-old William Dodson. According to the Post and Courier, Dodson, the man convicted of felony animal cruelty for taping Caitlyn’s muzzle closed, has been denied parole.

The seven-member board voted unanimously to keep the animal abuser locked up for the remainder of his sentence, a decision which surely has warmed the hearts of animal lovers and fans of Caitlyn, the dog who has come to be known as “America’s Dog.”

Caitlyn was discovered wandering in North Charleston with her muzzle tightly bound in tape back in 2015. The tape injured Caitlyn’s jaw and tongue and she had to undergo surgical procedures to repair the damage.

Caitlyn’s abuser was sentenced for his crime in March 2017 – much to the delight of Caitlyn’s fans, the judge gave Dodson the maximum sentence allowable.

With the help of the Charleston Animal Society, Caitlyn was able to recuperate from her injuries.

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13 replies
  1. sherry D. hadley says:

    Karma is a bitch, so get comfy, asshole. Kudos to the seven on parole board that had the sense to keep him locked up the full sentence; wish it was more. Kaitlyn looks wonderful by the way!

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    THIS is a HEROIC ACT for the parole board!!! Bless EACH and EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! This may show the country and certain PEOPLE that YES!!! YES!!! DAMN RIGHT DOG’S LIVES DO MATTER!!!!! This horrific abuse NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!!

  3. Lynn thomas says:

    Abuse is abuse, LOCK HIM UP! Bullshit, how many did get away with? Now we’re talking about a mental case! Stupid ruling judge wod!

  4. Shirley Moore says:

    Finally justice for Caitlyn..I am so glad to hear that he got denied parole & has to sit in jail for the horrific abuse he did to Caitlyn. Now if everybody who abuses animals would get the same thing in jail & denied parole maybe it would stop the cruelty towards animals.

  5. Barbara Cordon says:

    Its about time one of these asshole abusers get the jail time they deserve!!! I wish more judicial systems would do this!!!

  6. Joanne says:

    YIPPY HA YOO!!! SO HAPPY CAITLYN IS RECEIVING HER DESERVED JUSTICE! CONGRATULATIONS, PRECIOUS PUP, I’M SO HAPPY YOU WERE RESCUED AND ARE DOING MUCH BETTER. GRRRRREAT NEWS ~ SOOOOO THRILLED!!! ♥️ ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????♥️


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