Vladimir Putin kisses and hugs his new puppy given to him as birthday present

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Not often does the world ever catch a glimpse of Vladimir Putin and his softer side, but on Wednesday he was given a belated birthday present from Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov during meetings in Sochi. As Berdymukhamedov picked the adorable ball of canine cuteness up by the scruff of the neck towards the flashing cameras, Putin, gently grabbed the little one, now named Verny and gave him soft cuddles and kisses. 

The name Verny means “faithful” in Russian. The alabai breed is a home-bred Turkmen mix of the Central Asian shepherd dog. The breed is officially listed as part of Turkmenistan’s national heritage. The dogs were originally bred for shepherding, protection and guard duty.

Putin turned 65 on October 7.

“We have a common friend.” Berdymukhamedov stated according to Reuters. “This is the world’s unique alabai dog. And today I bought this little alabai with me.”

Despite the sternness of Putin’s appearance, it’s a well known fact that he has a love for animals. There have been numerous photos of Putin feeding elk, holding kittens and playing in the snow with his dogs. This is Putin’s third dog given to him as a gift. There’s Buffy, a Bulgarian shepherd from Bulgaria’s premier and Yume, an Akita from a Japanese official. Putin also has been given horses as well as a tiger for gifts in the past.

(Photos of Vladimir Putin welcoming his new puppy via Reuters screenshot)

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  1. Would like to knock him in the head for grabbing the puppy by the scruff of the neck. Putin needs to choose his friends with better animal sense.

  2. THAT PINHEAD INFURIATED me the way he kept picking that baby up by his neck….. their mommas carry them that way when they are TINY……not this large. A. H. !!!!

  3. Could not get out of the chair quick enough to get that puppy out of that brutes hands.

    Putin, is king of the world.

    I will look for his kindness and protective compassion in the dealings with the crazy world leaders creating a danger to the whole world.

    its hard to believe he is a former KGB assassin.

    His love and sweetness and compassion is in its purist form as he snatches this baby gift from this other man.

    Putin, Please ,
    can you snatch us all from the cruel claws of the world powerful and…. Nuts?

    Putin, I know you are working secretively to keep the idiots from destroying us all.

    Good luck with that.

    Finally , a politician I can trust .
    The world can trust a president.
    who has dog breath.

  4. Nothing but PR bullshit – that puppy will be dumped ASAP – Putin is only looking for some positive feedback – its all garbage.

    • Putin does not need anyone’s approval anywhere in the world. he will be adding this puppy to his personal dog pack.

      they dont have p.r. in russia.
      no need for it.

      what could possible be the reason you would think Putin would need positive feed back?

      you don’t seen to understand the difference between different country’s and the men who run them.

      are you confused?

      were you really describing pres trump.?
      who needs constant p.r work?
      always kissing ass looking and hoping for approval

      I’m watching tv rite now.
      Trump is desperately trying to get away with the clumsy off attack on a pregnant window
      who’s husband just lost his life serving this country.

      I’m confused.
      by your comment.


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