Teen's puppy shot and kiled

Authorities seek person who shot and killed teen’s puppy

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Authorities in Henry County, Indiana, are hoping to find the person who is responsible for shooting and killing a teen’s puppy earlier this month. According to Thursday’s Fox 59 News, the eight-month-old Corgi puppy, named “Riley,” was shot several times after wandering away from her yard.

Riley belonged to 17-year-old Alexa Hughes, who found the injured puppy in a field not far from home. Hughes told Fox 59, “I heard three gunshots or three popping sounds, (it) sounded like firecrackers almost and it scared me, so I went around that way and I saw her yelping in the field a few houses back.”

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Though Riley was whisked away to a veterinarian, the injuries proved to be fatal before any help could be administered. Riley’s family is devastated and the authorities want whoever is responsible to know that cruelty won’t be tolerated. Henry County Sheriff Rick McCorkle stated, “If this was just an act of cruelty that individual needs to know that’s against the law and we won’t tolerate it.”

Whoever shot Riley could face felony animal cruelty charges if they are identified and arrested.

(Photos screenshots via Fox 59 News)

19 replies
  1. Dorothy Faye Reynolds says:

    You are never gonna find out who killed Riley. Who ever killed this small dog was deliberate taking not one but 3 shots. They are a coward and they will do it again..!

  2. linda says:

    RIP Riley. But I have to ask. Why on earth was Riley wandering away from the yard! Again pet owners keep your pets close with a watchful eye.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Whoever shot Riley “could” face charges? That should read “will” I doubt if there was any reason to shoot this pup except pure evil on the part of the POS that did this. This poor girl has lost her precious dog and someone needs to pay, and pay dearly.

  4. Dana says:

    Could face charges? Whoever did this deserves the very same treatment. Now you go run in a field asshole and will shoot you several times. Dangerous killer needs to be hunted down and prosecuted to the fullest, which is not enough.
    Sounds like this murderer was target practicing. Heinous killer to the innocent!
    RIP Riley, Fly Free from this cruel, sadistic world!

  5. maxiemom says:

    Whoever did this needs to be prosecuted. He or she has no respect for life whatsoever, nor for a beautiful dog. I really wish there were a death penalty for scum like this, because this kind of cruelty trickles down to ever part of a person’s life, and the filth who did this is a danger to anyone and every one he or she comes into contact with.

  6. Karen Dennis says:

    I hope & pray the sick vile bastard that murdered this poor darling puppy gets arrested & if the police or judge don’t give a long long prison sentence then I hope the bastard gets total karma & someone shoots them & leave the sob to die in lots of pain

  7. Lisa Burger Clesi says:

    I don’t know what has happened to the human race! The cruelty they inflict on our wildlife and even our beloved pets is heartbreaking. I would kill the person who did this to my dog if i found the low life pos who did it. Hopefully the poor pup will get some justice!

  8. Mag says:

    The gun should be registered trace the bullets and get that POS. Coward and sicko should be killed too..imagine u can kill a small dog what if it is a child…

  9. Irene Mettlen says:

    My prayers are for the family! I hope they find who was so evil as to kill an innocent dog! As many dogs and animals getting killed or abused, Maybe our State Congressmen should make it a law for cases like this to be harder sentences, longer such as most dogs live , 10 to 15years in a state pen. Could change a lot of this Abuse and killing animals is NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY !


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