Young puppies found thrown away in trash

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Four tiny puppies, believed to be just two weeks of age, are fighting to survive after someone threw them away in a trash container in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. According to The Animal Friends of Westmoreland, someone discovered a total of five young puppies in the trash on Saturday – one had already died.


On Monday, the shelter updated Facebook followers about the heartbreaking discovery:

Malnourished, dehydated and covered in fleas. 5 puppies found in the trash in Uniontown. Our shelter was called and our staff responded immediately. One puppy died before we could get to them but the other 4 are fighting for their lives while receiving round the clock care by our staff and volunteers.

Candy Nelson, founder of the shelter, told Trib Live, “Unfortunately, their survival is still in question,” adding, “The pups are so young that the vet couldn’t tell us what breed they are.” Though attempts have been made to introduce the abandoned puppies to a different mother dog, they have not been successful.


The shelter is hoping to find out who is responsible for throwing the puppies away. Anyone with information is asked to call 724-925-2555. The shelter is hoping to get donations of puppy formula, nutri-cal and other items for the puppies; donations can also be made to

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  1. Darla says:

    WTH? This is the 2nd story in as many days of puppies thrown in the trash (or found in a black trash bag on the side of the road). This world has many nasty, nasty people in it.

  2. Annabel Edwards says:

    If people want help PLEASE do it the proper way and DONT throw them away in the trash who ever did this terrible cruelty you are all bloody scumbags I just hope the mother dog is ok which is a bit worrying.


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