Too young to charge: 5-year-old caught kicking and abusing neighbor’s cat

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A five-year-old boy from Manchester, United Kingdom will not face any police action because authorities state he is too young to be charged for kicking, abusing and throwing a cat into the bushes, reports  The Daily

In a disturbing eight-minute closed circuit television surveillance video, homeowner Neil Fisher captured the child wearing a “here comes trouble” shirt,  hitting his six-year-old  house cat named Sky, outside of his home. Sky, however took justice into his own paws, and after he was kicked, swiped at and thrown into the bushes by the child for nearly ten minutes of mistreatment, turned around and jumped on the unruly kid and scratched the brat’s neck.

And today, the grandmother of the naughty child is angry at the Fishers, stating they were trying to “shame” the child who has since had his DVDs taken away and had been sent to his room for a few hours as punishment.

“He was punished for his act. It’s not like he got away with it. What’s done is done. Should we carry on punishing him?,” the child’s grandmother asked as the video makes its way around social media.

Police won’t take any action in the case, stating the child is too young.  The grandmother claims the child is fine with the other animals – including puppies that live in her home. sky-cat-3

Sadly, the video tells another story of a young child being abusive to a friendly animal. Neil Fisher, who owns his own security firm described what he saw on the video:

“It makes me so angry that anyone, even a child, thinks it’s okay to treat an animal like this. It doesn’t say a great deal for their upbringing. It came to my attention because I could hear the cat wailing and crying and I thought ‘there’s no reason for her to be doing that.”

And he continued stating how upset he was – and rightfully so!

“I’m absolutely furious about it. It was heartbreaking to see an animal you love being treated with absolutely no respect. I’ve had Sky and her twin Oscar for six years since they were kittens, and they’re part of our family. My girlfriend thinks of Sky as her little baby and she was in tears. I went round to the kid’s parents’ house, and his mum just slammed the door in my face before I even got a chance to explain to her what had happened.”

Let’s face it – it’s a parent’s responsibility to teach children to respect animals and treat them kindly. If this kind of behavior can be seen at five-years-old, maybe it’s time to address the problem. Fortunately Sky was not seriously injured.

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(Photos via Mercury Press from YouTube)

46 replies
    • Wendy Kryzanowicz says:

      That brat is a future serial killer .His parents should be charged for the little devils spawn actions. I wish that cat would of tore his eyeballs out . But then even with video the parents would have forced them to put the cat to death .

      • Tracy says:

        I agree, to act in such a sociopathic manner, he needs a darned good spanking and the little bastards parents need a jail cell, half witted gits

  1. Penny's Dachshund says:

    Well England!!! Watch the Next JACK THE RIPPER !!! Just give this little PUKE about 6 or 7 more years to PRACTICE HIS TRADE on the NEIGHBORHOOD “ANIMALS” then start watching for Missing People in the area when he lives!!!! Good Job in parenting GRANDMA and GRANDPA & Parents!!!! Hope your proud of your SPAWN!!!

      • penny's dachshund says:

        In all seriousness If the general population would go back and do a review on just the top serial KILLER”S even here in the USA they would see that is EXACTLY how the pattern starts out with 99.6 % of them… first small animals like mice, birds, then moves up to cats, dogs, and continues to progress !!!! to humans. Many were able to hide the majority of their torture of animals But not ALL! This child is in for far more serious trouble in his life unless his family gets a grip on this!!! IMMEDIATELY

    • trand says:

      Hey, they punished the little devil. Getting your DVD’s taken away and being sent to your room for a couple of hours is brutal punishment. That will teach him not to do that again. sarcasm.

      • Natalie Robin says:

        exactly what i thought… the punishment is ridiculous… maybe the government cant send a 5 year old kid to jail… but they should mandate some sort of therapy… to access if this is just a bratty kid being a kid, or signs of a future problem (which would then have to be addressed). in the mean time ,the family should find new homes for any animals that they may have in their care.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    A 5 year old needs to suffer some sort of consequence for what they have done to that cat! If not punished this sort of behavior will go on and escalate! The grandmother sounds like part of the problem, big punishment, DVDs taken away and sent to his room for a few hours! Get a grip granny, when he gets bigger it could be you!

      • Tracy says:

        Jolene, really, seems like a trolling. He needs psychiatric assessment and you need to think before you type…really?

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        No just let the brat go on and abuse innocent cats (sarcasm)! How about making the brat go apologize to the cat’s owners, How about making the brat find a way to help pay for any vet costs. My mother would have marched me right over to the owners of the cat and face up to what I did, not slam the door in their faces. This is an example of why kids are growing up with no respect of anyone or anything!

      • Angie says:

        100% agree. My mother would have beat my ass with a belt or spoon, then marched my butt over there to apologize. And that is just the start of my punishment.

  3. Denise G says:

    That one scratch was not near enough punishment for what that brat did to the cat. I would have worn that butt out, bare assed.

  4. Loo loo says:

    Yes Grandma…, Your family and the 5 year old need to be held accountable and set an example of. Perhaps public humiliation won’t be enough and charges should be brought on to you. How about CPS COME IN AND DETERMINE WHERE HE LEARNED THE BEHAVIOR.
    next time he will do something worse ( and there will be a next time)
    Hey grandma, when your grandson is abused or beaten by a bully for 8 minutes, which Happens to be caught on video ….we’ll tell the bully “shame on you…take his movies away and lock him in his room for an hour”
    GET IT!!!
    Maybe you need to be locked in your room too

  5. Celery says:

    Too young to charge, yet nobody questions why a 5 year old is out wandering the streets alone? Isn’t 5 a little too young to be unsupervised?

  6. Jan says:

    This child needs to be taught compassion, or he will turn out like all these other sick animal abusers. First af all, he needed his butt spanked.

  7. cheetah says:

    Why the hell didn’t the Brits have the mother arrested & the kid taken away? Why did you guys just watch? Over here, especially calif, that’s what would have happened!!

  8. Rhonda says:

    The brat needs to learn that cruelty to animals will lead to well deserved and severe punishment. He should be shamed along with his family for raising a little monster. Hopefully someone will let his grandmother know that he has just been shamed in Australia

  9. Kendra says:

    The caregivers are absolutely the problem here! And that horrible child absolutely needs to be taught a lesson.
    I think this kid needs to be seriously watched as he gets older.
    And yeah, what about those poor puppies? Is there a way to get some videos on his treatment of those poor things?
    …where exactly is this? Someone had mentioneded Australia?

  10. Barbara Williston says:

    That is disturbing to watch
    How can a child do something like that……I would be afraid……very afraid for how that child is going to turn out

  11. Montijo says:

    This child is a sociopath in the making . He needs a lot more than punishment. He needs to be in therapy . It sounds like the grandmother is enabling him.

  12. Ivy Pattillo says:

    It is sad to know that a 5 yr old was outside that long by himself anyways much-less him being out there hurting an animal. Looking how he acted, I am sure this is not the first time. I feel the parents and others think its cute or ok for him to do this. I doubt taking his dvd and a time out is going to correct his problem. The adults should of been charged for also not watching their kid. SMH

  13. Lela gary says:

    The child may be too young to charge, but not too young to have psychological treatment. Who knows what the parents are dishing out or mistreating the child to the degree of exhibiting anti-social and dangerous behaviour at this early age.

    • Shelly R Berchem says:

      I agree with Lela, 100% Anti-social behavior and that should concern the law, the family and grandparents. Later on in school and in his teenage years the parents will find out exactly the type of brat they have raised. They will have their hands full then. Unfortunately others will suffer as well, society.

  14. Amal El Issani says:

    Hurting animals is usually the prelude to hurting people. The FBI standaardwerk on psychopaths lists it as one of the first signs. Child is deeply disturbed.

  15. whitney says:

    It disgusts me that all these people are condemning a five year old. Maybe he is being treated like this. Maybe he needs help. But you don’t consider that. Instead you write a baby off as a lost cause and future serial killer. Society sucks and you people are absolutely no help to that. Yeah, a cat deserves to be treated better. So do human beings, you judgemental jerks.

    • Penny's Dachshund says:

      The PERFECT SOLUTION to YOUR ISSUES is for YOU MY Dear to MOVE to England and provide NANNY care for this MONSTER CHILD!!! you can give him all the skills he is lacking to MASTER the World!!! HELL maybe he could become the New ISIS leader of the UNITED KINGDOM !!!! This child is already a lost cause and it will only get worse!!!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      “Baby”? a 5 year old is hardly a baby anymore and should know enough to not abuse a pet! Yes the responsibility lies with the parents and from what is said in the article, they certainly are not addressing this abhorrent behavior and dealing with the situation with some sort of punishment aimed at stopping this sort of behavior. Slamming the door in the face of the cat’s owners tells me just how much they care how their child is behaving! Unless the parents wake up and start parenting, this kid IS doomed and a lost cause. Where do you propose he will get the “help” he needs?

  16. Jerome says:

    He needs to be whipped naked with the cane. That’s what would have happened to me if I had done that. I guarantee 12 of the best would cure him of wanting to abuse animals.


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