Police search for man pointing gun at dog’s head

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Police in Sheffield, Alabama, have been inundated with calls from people who are concerned about a man who was seen in photos, pointing a gun at a dog’s head. According to Thursday’s WAIT News, the frightening photos hit Facebook on Sunday and quickly began circulating on the social media outlet.

Sheffield Police Chief Greg Ray told WAFF News, the huge influx of calls about the photos has resulted in half of the department’s investigators being assigned to the case. The identity of the man is known to the authorities, but his name has not yet been released because he is not currently facing charges.

Investigators are actively searching for the man, who may be in hiding. It is reported that the man has several warrants, for misdemeanor crimes, in Tuscaloosa and Florence – it is unclear if he will face charges for the disturbing photos or not. According to Chief Ray, the man “should” face charges, but there is no guarantee that his behavior warrants an actual crime.

The Sheffield Police Department created a Facebook post about the situation:

Sheffield Police would again like to thank everyone again for the concern for the dog that has been posted. Once again, we are looking into it. Information can not be released at this time. A earlier post from Sheffield Police was deleted because of language in the comments . If there is any post that have unacceptable language will be deleted.

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  1. Please get a reward started ! I will donate $100.00 towards funds to locate this sociopath and remove this puppy from this abusive situation .

  2. Another moron exercising his 2nd amendment rights! I truly hope the dog is ok. He has multiple warrants in Tuscaloosa and Florence for misdemeanor charges so why does he even have a gun?

    • you really need to read the 2nd Amendment and try to understand it. probably won’t hurt to read and try to understand the rest of the Bill of Rights either. While I have no more idea of you what is going on in the pics.. it looks staged to me.. so how about waiting until he is caught and the truth known before making statements about it. One other thing you think people who exercise their rights are morons… or only the rights you don’t understand.

      • It doesn’t matter if it’s staged or not. This picture is exactly why gun owners get a bad rap. I am a proud gun owner but I do not flaunt my weapon for the public or for fun. It is a weapon..used only when I am training or defending myself. You don’t take pictures thinking you’re a thug or some bullshit…that’s what makes you look like a fucking moron.

      • Agreed Jess.. and his finger is ON the trigger, not safely away from it. That’s how accidents happen, ‘I was just posing for a pic and the gun just went off”! No jerk, the gun didn’t just go off you fired it!

      • I understand the 2nd amendment rights of owning a gun, this somehow looks like an abuse of that. I truly believe morons like this don’t need guns and I’m sure he didn’t get his legally (at least I hope he didn’t). Sure it’s staged, a big, tough guy can hold a gun to the head of a dog! And what “truth” might I ask could there be about this that makes it right?

      • This is about the precious life of a dog not anyone’s gun rights. That’s what’s wrong in this world. The obvious is ignored to satisfy an agenda that is secondary to the issue at hand, just saying!

      • Up here in n.y. you can not have even misdemeanor charges to own a gun your record has to be completely clean in order to own a gun ..if you own back child support you can not own a gun!!! And you have to be cleared from state and federal back ground checks…I’m a very proud gun owner and in my wildest dreams I would never even think of doing this to my dog ….the dog in this picture looks scared enough!!! Time to put this POS in PRision!!! He looks like a menace to society!!!!

      • Yes NY has the S.A.F.E. act that all the gun clubs are trying to get us to revoke. I doubt very much the S.A.F.E. act is preventing anyone that is responsible from owning a gun. I don’t call what this idiot is doing, responsible and agree with you he shouldn’t be out on the streets.

    • That being said I’d love to meet this guy in person and give him a thorough discussion on why he’s a loser and why I’m taking his dog away.

      • Make sure you take your gun, he will most likely shoot at you. He doesn’t look like someone you can reason with.

      • Exactly, and let’s pray this guy didn’t get it legally! If he did it is the perfect example of why we need some sort of gun control!

  3. i think he has it in his head to harm animals and eventually harm or kill human beings needs mental help anger management classes 6 months worth

    • SO many people are sent to anger management classes; like bad/ abusive/ neglectful parents are sent to parenting classes….. in my opinion, and yes, from knowing people who have been sent to these classes….they do NO good. Anyone can “fake” their way through them.

      Yes, the jails are overcrowded but a stupid, pointless “anger management” or “parenting” class does NOTHING to chronic offenders to make them change their ways.

      • AH!!! YES!!! OUR VA system is infamous for the ANGER MGT program !!!! Another wasted vast amount of monies for our taxpayers to endure. The individuals teaching most of these sessions Have No iota was it’s really all about and really don’t care… just there so get their share of the government’s money give away… The real one that suffers is the Actual Veteran that truly has PTSD and Anger issues!!!

  4. This scumbag needs to be caught
    What a hereto picking on a poor defenceless puppy
    Bring the scumbag to justice and lock him up & throw away the key…..hope you rot
    Karma is coming for you

  5. He IS breaking the law in just his photo. He IS showing animal cruelty in just this photo. His thoughts? Oh my God. His anger? His face? His fingers? Oh my God. THIS IS A PSYCHOPATH. Ignore that, and you officers are IGNORANT. You HAD psych classes. USE what you learned, enlist others smarter in legalese than you. STOP this crazy bastard. And KNOW that there ate thousands more like him!

  6. This douchebag’s FB page says he works at Caroline Carports and Quality Outdoor Products. http://www.carolinacarportsinc.com/ Go to their website’s contact page and express your rage about their employee and demand he be fired. This company partners with a number of NASCAR drivers, so I’m sure they will take appropriate action to avoid a shit storm of bad publicity.

  7. Let’s just hope they find this individual before he not only murders the poor little dog, but he does serious injury or also kills a child, teen, adult, or elder… Now if he puts the gun to his head fine with me!

  8. This fool is holding a gun up to a puppy’s head!!!! Why no charges for that ?!? If he was pointing it at a child, law enforcement would be up his ass like there was no tomorrow .

  9. I respect all y’all opinions, but he isn’t gonna hurt that dog. Do you see how relaxed that pup is? It sleeps with him. He’s just being goofy.

    • And you know this how? How is holding a dog by it’s neck with a gun held to it being “goofy”? I guess my definition of “goofy” and yours are too different things! There is nothing funny about this at all, and the dog is probably looking “relaxed” because he is scared to death!

  10. A normal person will not attempt to display such a terrible picture! He probably gets his sick jollies to get people aroused. He is already displaying criminally sick behavior and this should not be taken very lightly! We wouldn’t want more sickos popping on Facebook!

  11. Why doesn’t Facebook prevent these monsters from being able to.post these horrendous pictures???? I don’t understand why these vicious mutants are allowed free reign to post this psychotic behavior. I hope the dog is still alive and safe with someone who cares!!! ?

    • I am glad fb allows it. If it weren’t for fb we would have never known about this little innocent puppy. Does anyone know if the little guys OK? Carolina carports is supposed to be where this” guy ” works and if he has a felony he is breaking the law and that should have been enough evidence for the police to get a warrant out for his arrest. People who torture and kill innocent animals usually end up killing humans. What a waisted piece of skin. I’m going to call the police and ask them why their not doing anything and if he does work at Carolina carports I’m going to contact them via email and let them know what he’s doing. If I owned that Co. I would not want someone like that working for me. I know if a lot of people were to email this company he would be fired. Just saying…


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