Woman sentenced to jail after ordering back leg of her dog cut off

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In her second animal cruelty conviction, a woman from Oyster Bay was sentenced to a year in jail after conspiring with a veterinary office worker to cut off the ears and back leg of her pit bull puppy, named Miss Harper, reports Newsday.Miss Harper2

Appearing before a judge in the Nassau County Courthouse, Wednesday, August 3,  Shawana Hughes, 40, also received a five-year ban on owning animals and five years probation. According to court records, in July 2013, Hughes and her estranged husband Lee took their seven-month-old puppy to Reginald Smith, 33, a veterinarian technician to cut off the dog’s ears with scissors. To keep the dog from scratching, they tied socks on her feet secured with tight rubber bands which hindered the blood flow to the puppy’s legs. They then ordered Smith to amputate one of the dog’s legs.

The Hicksville Patch reports Lee Hughes, 42, pleaded guilty to two counts of unlicensed practice and aggravated cruelty to animals. Like his ex-wife, Lee is banned from owning animals for five years after his one year prison sentence. He must register as a convicted animal abuser and was ordered to pay $12,000 in restitution to the Nassau County SPCA for Miss Harper’s medical expenses. Smith was sentenced to a conditional discharge.

When the friendly puppy’s horrible story hit the media, thousands of people as far away as Australia offered to adopt her from the Nassau County SPCA. She has since been adopted and is living a charmed life with another pup in her Long Island home. Although it was planned to fit Miss Harper with a prosthetic leg, her energy and playfulness precluded that having been a choice, however she gets along fine on three legs. What a happy ending for a puppy whose life started out so tragically.

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29 replies
    • Sherry says:

      I’m telling ya girl, I’m with ya. I’ve had it with these fucking nuts and vaginas in authority. a five year ban on animals, really? oh yeah, that’s how to hurt em. what assholes.

    • Jules says:

      What the he’ll is wrong with these suck ass people? Why have a pet or even own a animal if all your going to do is be a cruel and mean owner? People suck!

      • Jessica says:

        Make that three. After we cut her leg and ears off, let’s end her life. I can’t believe she can own an animal in5 years!!! I’ll bet she does worse things when she can own them again, just to get even for being locked up. GodmI hate humans!!

  1. Barbara Lay says:

    Not near enough of a sentence…also, should have been banned for life to own any type or kind of animal!! Bless that poor little puppy!! What a POS they are!!

  2. Bettyjo Houser says:

    OOOO 5 years of not owning an animal in her SECOND animal cruelty conviction, not even her first but SECOND animal cruelty conviction….way to show her, judicial system!!! >:(

  3. Kathy Colbert says:

    Anybody that abuses an animal should be banned for life from ever owning another animal! They should spend a minimum of at least 5 years in jail! Either that or suffer the same abuse as they inflicted upon that animal!

  4. Heike says:

    It was horrible torture this puppy had to endure and it should reflect with a much tuffer sentence ! I still believe in an eye for an eye these monsters should feel the same pain they inflicted on this puppy and they should never ever be able to own another living thing again as long as there alive and that includes Baby humans!!!

  5. virginia green says:

    do it to the owners.the dog is a 4 legged kid wearing fur.so if they treat they dog that way,watch them or take the human kids away from them also.that was sick what they did to the puppy.

  6. Mongoose218 says:

    Yes, no animals of any kind for the rest of her and her husband’s lives…..basic common sense!

    The vet tech needs to lose her/ his license as well and be prosecuted…….

    I cannot even imagine what the woman THOUGHT she was doing by having the pup’s leg amputated….Less scratching? Do you ever scratch? I do……and if the pup had fleas that can be dealt with as well!

  7. Patty says:

    I am so glad to see they are ordering these creeps to pay restitution to the vet clinics !!! This is the second one I have seen. I agree, as to the length of time .. NEEDS TO BE MORE !!

  8. ACE says:

    The sentence is too light for the crime. All parties need to suffer the ultimate that the law can administer and then some. NONE of them should EVER be allowed to have possession of an animal. if they break that ruling put ’em away for 10 years, The veterinary assistant needs to be severely punished, for acting so against any veterinary principles that exist. Should have no access to animals ever again. Rotten creeps all of them. If they were my family, I would be ashamed and disgusted and I would publicize that fact.

  9. Jossephine Frazier says:

    Someone needs to cut this bitch leg’s off! Scumbag like her is what’s poisoning this planet for the animals.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I dare this vile FW animal abusing bitch and her faggot boyfriend to make face to face contact with me! I have a surprise for this bitch when least expected!!!! OH YES!!!!

  11. Micele says:

    Both of these people should be banned from having animals for the rest of their life but not before losing a leg and their ears in the very same fashion that their dog did and make it public ….have a public viewing of what happens to people when you abuse animals then and only then will people Think of the consequences …. as long as they keep giving light sentences or no sentences the abuse and the carnage will continue…
    When they get bored of torturing and killing animals they move on to humans…. this is not speculation this is well documented science


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