Lawsuit filed after dog’s disappearance from boarding facility

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A lawsuit has been filed against an Illinois boarding facility where a family’s dog disappeared from just over a year ago. According to Wednesday’s ABC 7 News, Todd Caponi decided to file the lawsuit against the Baxter & Beasley daycare/boarding facility in Palatine because he believes that the business’s negligence resulted in the loss of his family’s dog, Digger.

Digger, and two other dogs belonging to the Caponi family, was left at the boarding facility in early August 2015. The family was on a Disneyland vacation when they got a phone call from the business letting them know that Digger was gone.

The business claims that the 45-pound beagle/shepherd mix attacked a worker and then jumped an eight-foot fence. Despite an exhaustive search, including a Facebook page, fliers, and direct mail postcards, the Caponi’s beloved dog has not been found – in fact, though there have been potential sightings, the only one confirmed was on the day that he vanished.

A website was created to help find the missing dog. The family describes Digger, “We always joked with our other two dogs that, “Digger is our favorite”, because he’s incredibly sweet, very well behaved, put up with the kids poking at him, pulling his tail, sitting on him, and he loves attention.” Adding, “Digger loves people, loves attention, and the beagle in him keeps him from ever being done eating.  He’s also the night watchman, barking during the night at movement, barking at the door when someone came to it, and sometimes barking for no apparent reason.”

The lawsuit against the Baxter and Beasley business seeks over $50,000 in damages. Follow the Find Digger Facebook page here.

Note: Digger has a microchip, but was not wearing a collar when he disappeared because collars are removed from dogs at check in.




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  1. virginia green says:

    hit them bigtime.ur dog is your 4 legged kid wearing fur.he is part of the family.make them payout to you and ur family big.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t blame these people for suing. You pay good money for boarding places to watch your pets and for them to lose one like this is negligent! I know they would give anything to get their dog back, I hope and pray they do.


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