Virginia dog groomer seen on video abusing pooch guilty of animal cruelty

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In Williamsburg, a pet salon groomer roughly handling a dog went viral on social media in less than two days garnering more than 60,000 views, reports WtkrNews.

According to Williamsburg Police, a former employee of “The Fuzzy Butt Stops Here” groomer recorded the business’s owner, Mironda Henning, roughly handling a dog while grooming. The video was recorded in May. In August, Henning was found guilty of animal cruelty to a white cockapoo named Gidget. She was fined $1,000.

The more than ten-minute video, recorded by a former  employee of the salon, was recently uploaded to social  media spurring protests outside of the shop on Tuesday. The Virginia Gazette interviewed  animal advocate Barbara Morris who stated,

“They don’t deserve to groom dogs. We’re not going to stop.”

The goal of the advocates is to shut the shop down while picketing outside of the store for the remainder of the  week and making pet owners aware of what had happened to Gidget. Employees at the business did not comment although they did tell news reporters,  Henning is no longer at the salon. It is hoped the video will make dog owners more careful where they have their pets groomed.

(Photo screenshot of Utube video)

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  1. I don’t know if it’s right to shut down the whole business because of one POS employee, but certainly they must have know this employee was behaving this way and they should have put a stop to it. I know I wouldn’t be taking my pets there after seeing this even if she isn’t still there.

    • According to the article, it was the owner who did this to the dog. So, yes, it’s right to shut her down. If it was an employee, that employee should be dismissed. I’m just surprised customers didn’t have issues with their dogs after having this b**** groom them. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time she’s been abusive to a client’s dog. I hope the owner of this sweet dog sues….

      • I miss read that, you are right, she shouldn’t be in business, The WTKR report stated she no longer worked there so I wrongfully assumed she was just an employee. I agree with you, the place needs to be shut down!

      • I see that now, I was going on the WTKR report that said she no longer worked there, I didn’t realize it was the owner of the place. Yes she needs to be in jail and the place shut down!

  2. Watching this makes ME so happy that I have short haired dogs, know how to trim nails, bath, and LOVE my animals and don’t have to rely on going to a groomer!!!! YOU HAVE TO LOVE ANIMAL”S TO CARE AND NURTURE THEM !!! What the HELL is OUR Nation coming TO!!! Did you ever think 10 years ago you couldn’t even trust your dog groomer!!!

  3. When I was a child we had poodles who had to go to the groomer, but the professional who did them was my cousin, and she was great. Up until I got Octavius, I had never had to take a dog to the groomer myself. I know I chose the right one because if I hadn’t, as a dog who was so badly abused, he could never have trusted her, especially around his face. He actually likes her! It frightens me to think that if I move, or should I say, when I move, not only will I have to give my vet a good, hard look, but I will also have to look hard at my groomer as well because you can’t trust either of them implicitly any more.

  4. It’s not the buisness fault fully, though how long has she been working there? How could noone have seen this before and why was she not fired ages ago? I don’t believe the buisness should be shut down because of an employee, and feel that is a bit much on the owners. The woman should definatly recive something more than a fine, lose her license or a ban on ever owning a pet.

  5. So wrong on so many levels. What kind person could do this? Unfortunately, it happens more often than we know. I had my cocker spaniel groomed at a chain salon, and after going to the same person for 2+ years I picked up my baby after grooming and he had a mysterious limp. Brought him to his vet and he had a torn ACL. He had no prior injuries and was not limping before the grooming, so my hunch is his leg was severely jerked during the grooming session.

  6. THE OWNER OF THE SALON DOESNT SEEM TO HAVE ANY CONCERN OR REMORSE FOR THE POOR PET BEING ABUSED! All the owner cared about was her business, you can hear her statement… “I want my business to survive”. Well the owner of the loving pet wants HER PET TO SURVIVE! And the INHUMANE Bitch that was grooming the pets needs to be caged in jail for a while and let the criminals pull her by the head of the hair and swing her around while she is tethered to a table and see how she like it!

  7. Glad to see still DECENT folks Exist out there. this Vietnam is a disgrace tying thier legs up, &duct tape Mouth Shut, hang from trees by Legs it on Utube!
    their really crazy Creeps!


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