Former president of rescue agency charged with animal cruelty

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A woman who formerly headed up a rescue agency has been charged with animal cruelty. According to KATC News, the offender, identified as Robin Menard of New Iberia, Louisiana, was charged with animal cruelty after a dog was discovered inside a squalid kennel.

Deputies with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office found a pit bull standing in a “knee-deep” concoction of mud, urine and feces inside of a kennel without food or water – the dog, named “Justice,” had been rescued several years ago. Justice’s current state of health did not reflect three years of care, however. At the time that Justice was found, his feet were inflamed and he tested positive for both heartworm and ringworm, in addition to being poorly socialized.

Menard used to be the president of Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR) – the rescue agency has stated that she has been voted out of her position. On Tuesday, the rescue agency which Menard had founded issued a statement to its Facebook followers:

The SNARR organization would like to inform all of our supporters and friends that we have recently severed all ties with Robin Menard. She is no longer affiliated with our rescue in any way.

We continue with our mission of being a voice to the voiceless under the direction of our new president, Lauren Connelly. As we use the next few weeks to resolve all issues that may arise as a result of this dramatic change, we ask for your patience, prayers and support.

Menard told deputies that she is dealing with “personal” issues and admitted that she may have “fallen behind” on providing proper care. Justice, and two other dogs, were seized from her care.

Click here to watch news clip about this situation.

(Photo screenshot KATC News)

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  1. Sorry, “personal issues” don’t make it ok to neglect the animals in your care. If she had problems she should have sought help from her own organization!. That this had been going on for 3 years is unacceptable! I have heard of SNARR and thought they were one of the better organizations, now I have to wonder.

  2. Personal issues! Drugs? Booze? Sex? Mental Health? Misuse of Donations? Maybe All of the above!!! This woman sincerely deserves to be horse whipped. OH wait she probably did abuse horses too beside the poor pathetic animals She of ALL PEOPLE should have been caring for her own RESCUES !! Now the RESCUED NEED RESCUED!!! Her organization member should have done something here LONG ago Knowing WHAT CONDITIONS her own pets were being left in!!! I HOPE the JUSTICE SYSTEM throws the book at her ( WHAT A PATHETIC excuse of a HUMAN BEING)!!!

    • This news is extremely upsetting ! It comes at a time when there is so much distrust from the public already regarding Rescues. I hope all that see this post are also reminded that there are many Rescues that are in fact doing things right and are of GreaT help and much needed! It’s a good thing that this person was finally stopped from doing any more damage than has already been done!
      Laws are changing regarding the abuse of animals & it couldn’t have happened at a better time.. Enough is Enough!

  3. Hope YOU ALL watch the News Report that I just now did on the this ” So-Called-RESCUER” lets see as I thought $160,000.00 unaccounted for and no taxes filed since 2012… this Bitch has been scamming from the very organization she was running!!! Neglecting EVEN her own RESCUE pets!! Blaming being caught by an officer on the force she says she had an issue with!!!! She needs to do about 10 years behind BARS Louisiana has ENOUGH problems with ANIMAL NEGLECT/ ABUSE/ DEATH and they sure didn’t NEED THIS ISSUE TO FACE!! THE OFFICER she refers to JUST HAD NER # that is ALL!!!

  4. I’ve been involved in rescue long enough (and on Facebook) to have heard of this woman and I thought she was good (I’m not located anywhere near her, geographically). Poor Justice – where were Menard’s partners/volunteers during the three YEARS that Justice suffered? They never saw him? Never asked about him? No one ever wanted to adopt him? I have way more questions than answers. Geez, Justice may have been in better care from the place where he came from than in her “care.” Menard knows better than to do this – I hope she’s never allowed to be in the same room with another animal.

    • Yes, Darla. I have seen many of her posts and seen dogs she has rescued over the years, or the group rescued. She used to be the real deal. I think she is still on my friends list. It has been a long time since I have seen any activity associated with her name. Things happen, circumstances change. But she should have passed the dogs on to functioning rescues. She absolutely should know better. I’m glad the dogs are out of that slop and getting the much needed medical care. I hope the rescue group does not suffer too great a setback because of her.

  5. So sad that this has happen. How many more animals were abused. I’m happy that they caught this person. They didn’t check them out good. Now there will be charges. That poor baby suffering. Jail time and max. You can’t treat animals like this.

  6. It’s sad that many of us KNEW she was a pos but man, if we ever spoke out….talk about being crucified. This isn’t Robin’s first go round with these types of charges if anyone ever bothered to look. A few years back a friend of mine and I started to dig around and received very credible information from local animal control on the real conditions there. When I say real, she always claimed to have a “state of the art facility”. Local ACO snorted when she heard that. That’s all I needed to hear.


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