Men torture tethered dogs with fireworks

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Men throw firecrackersIn Rock Hill, South Carolina, two men have been arrested for allegedly torturing three dogs with dozens of firecrackers. According to WsavNews, detectives discovered video recorded by one of the men as his companion threw fireworks at the chained and frightened dogs unable to escape.

On Tuesday, authorities arrested Tevin Anderson, 25, and charged him with three counts of ill treatment of animals and possession of crack cocaine. Deangelo Roseboro, 21, was arrested late Wednesday afternoon and charged with three counts of ill treatment of animals also. Roseboro had been out on bond in connection with an unrelated charge.

The eight-minute long video shows Anderson “torturing” the dogs who were chained in a confined manner by throwing “dozens and dozens of firecrackers,” reports FoxNews.

A York Animal Control officer stated all of the dogs suffered injuries. Anderson admitted to owning the dogs, and said he was not trying to hurt them. Rock Hill Police Department Captin Mark Bollinger stated one puppy tried to get away and ran into his doghouse when Anderson threw the firecracker inside of the doghouse. The dogs have all been seized and are currently being treated at a veterinarian’s office.

men throw firecrackers2

Despite the traumatic experiences the dogs endured, authorities stated they were all friendly and relatively calm.

Roseboro is expected to remain in custody.

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(Booking photos. Dog’s photo via screenshot by Fox News)

5 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    A couple of POS monsters, nothing better for these crack heads to do than throw firecrackers at dogs and hurt them. How did they NOT think this would injure the dogs? Please lock them up and throw away the key.

  2. Susan Steele Loughnane says:

    Oh goody! DRUGS and out on bond on unrelated charges. He should be calling a cell home for some time. What a bunch of losers. Now we have to support them. Since it’s on our dime maybe we should have more of a say on the punishment.

  3. Vickie Hitch says:

    SICK SICK men. Did not mean to hurt the dogs. Yeah right. Tie them up and throw firecrackers at the men that did this. Sicko’s.

  4. Norma Guerra says:

    WTF is wrong with people in South Carolina? Are they just stupid or what? Maybe their parents needed to teach their kids some manners and respect the good old fashioned way. This story and the last 2 that I have read are all from South Carolina. This is crazy and something needs to change.


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