‘I didn’t know the dog was there’ claims Georgia man who set off fireworks on porch

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Georgia fireworks dogAn Atlanta, Georgia man charged with animal cruelty after a Facebook video posted by his teenage daughter went viral over social media on July 4th, denies that setting off fireworks near his dog had been a prank, reports Fox News.

William Scaffidi, the owner of a rescued four-year-old Husky, named Betty Boop, was videoed setting up fireworks on his front porch as he gingerly tiptoed around as the dog. Although the dog looked suspiciously at him, she did not realize what  was about to happen. Speaking to news media however, Scaffidi stated,

“The thing is, is that it wasn’t even a prank. I didn’t even know the dog was there.”

Animal advocates question Scaffidi’s statement about not being aware the dog was on the porch; most people saying he  placed the plants on the porch to trap the dog. Even looking at the video, it appears as if Scaffidi stares at the dog, and when he finished setting up the fireworks to ignite, he quietly tiptoed back into the house – even as he made direct eye contact with Betty Boop.

The entire distressing event was recorded by Scaffidi’s 13-year-old daughter as the dog reacted in panic  when the fireworks exploded. Laughter could be heard in the background.

Fulton County Animal Services visited  Scaffidi’s home amid hundreds of complaints and phone calls to authorities about the distressing situation. Scaffidi has been charged with animal cruelty and for not having a license for his dog. A court date has been set  for later in the month.


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  1. So this monster is blind then. This is pure BS.
    And the daughter, why didn’t she yell at her father or take the dog away from the danger. No she calmly filmed it all, knowing I’m sure, that her father was ‘playing a trick’ on the poor dog.

    • William Scaffidi who goes by the name Billy is a real estate agent with Phoenix Realty. His phone number there is 404-839-8771 his email is [email protected] the Fax is 404-892-9927. Why am I posting this? So everyone can call, fax & email causing a disruption at his job & hopefully he will get fired. When things like this happen everyone needs to come together to show we won’t accept this & we won’t accept the slap on this wrist the court will likely give him. When things like this happen the persons friends & neighbors should reveal as much information as possible so the people can punish them. In this case the daughter is just as guilty as well. The daughter won’t be held accountable but hopefully the community hold her responsible. For example her fellow students should treat her badly & I would hope she is no longer welcome at her friends homes. We need to come together as a community & say that this is unacceptable.

  2. What kind of Bull is this POS trying to feed to people? Anyone that views this video can see he knows the dog is there and so does his “lovely” 13 year old daughter taking the video! Please ‘karma” take care of this idiot!

  3. He regretted posting the video, he said it himself. Look at his eyes. He is a psycho and raising kids to be psycho. The kids need to be removed as well.


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