Stolen dog found hundreds of miles from home

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A dog, stolen from a family’s yard in Colorado five years ago, has been found hundreds of miles away in Missouri. According to Wednesday’s 9 News, the St. Bernard named “Missy,” was found on September 15 in Hillsboro, Missouri, where she was wandering as a stray.

Missy was just one-year-old when she disappeared from her family’s fenced yard reported STL Today. Though her owners searched the area and notified the local shelter that Missy was gone, their searches came up empty-handed.

When Missy reappeared 800 miles away in Jefferson County last week, it was apparent that she had not been receiving proper care for some time. Jefferson County Executive Ken Waller told STL Today, “She was a stray dog,  She had not been taken care of well.”


Thanks to a trek to a groomer, and a scanner, Missy’s embedded microchip, with her family’s contact information, was discovered. It took some sleuthing, and the help of social media, to find Missy’s owner, but the mystery of who she belonged to was finally solved and soon, she will be back with the Mahaffey family.

According to WTHR News, several people have stepped up to help get Missy back home.


(Photos/screenshots via WTHR News)

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  1. maxiemom says:

    It’s too bad dogs can’t talk. Then Missy could tell us who stole her. It was probably a neighbor who took her far away and dumped her some place. Heaven only knows what happened after that.


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