Lost Dalmatian wanders into fire station – video

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The story begins…a puppy walks into a fire station. The puppy in question is “Chico,” an adorable Dalmatian who wandered into Hillsborough County Fire Rescue,  Station 5, in Tampa, Florida, this week.


The pup made himself at home in the station – on Tuesday, the fire department wrote about the pup’s unexpected visit, telling Facebook followers, “At 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, a dalmatian mix puppy snuck in and followed the engine into the bay after they had come back from a call. He eagerly made himself part of the crew. Unfortunately, he can not stay and play… we would like to get him home.”

The department compiled darling photos of the Dalmatian pup into a video and it has since gone “viral” on social media. Not long after the video began circulating, the department updated Facebook followers that Chico’s family had been found and he was safely back at home.


The department wrote, “We are all so happy for a happy ending to this story!”


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  1. What are the odds of a Dalmation wandering into a fire station??? Too funny! Okay, now to be serious. I’m glad they found his family. I hope the owners will get him neutered – that might be part of the reason he was a wanderer…..looking for a female.


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