Miracle dog survives beneath overturned boat

dog survives in overturned boat
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For nearly an hour, a young dog named “Amirror,” was trapped beneath a boat that overturned in the waters of Reynolds Channel,  a strait in Nassau County, New York. The 14-month-old Cane Corso had been out boat near the Meadowbrook 3 Bridge, with Joe Aveivi and Shaun Morales, when rough waters caused the boat to capsize.

Marine Bureau Police Officers Joseph Nappi, John Ciatarella, and Joseph Schoepher answered the distress call on Tuesday – the Nassau County Police Department stated, “after pulling Joe Aveivi and Shaun Morales from the water they were told there had been a dog on board who was still unaccounted for.”

After searching for the missing dog in the surrounding waters, the officers determined that she was likely still stuck inside of the 21-foot boat which was overturned. The officers, working with the help of Tow Boat US, began to right the vessel, doing their utmost to ensure that any air pockets which had formed did not get broken.

The department stated, “After nearly an hour, they were able get to Amirror and get her out safe and sound.”

Amazingly, the miracle dog not only survived, but also escaped injury in the overturned boat. On Friday, those involved in the life-saving rescue were honored by County Executive Edward P. Mangano and Acting Commissioner Krumpter.

The police department stated:

Please join us in thanking Police Officers Nappi, Ciatarella, and Schoepher for their quick-thinking in saving Amirror and her two friends. This could have ended tragically for everyone involved but it is thanks to their bravery these three were able to escape without injury.

We wish Joe, Shaun, and Amirror all the best and we’re glad they are all okay!

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