Forgotten German shepherd – do you see me?

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A beautiful German shepherd is waiting to be noticed from behind the bars of her kennel run at the Riverside County Animal Control – Coachella Shelter in Thousand Palms, California. The dog, whose name is unknown, has been at the facility since July 5 – her stray hold (review date) of July 9 has already come and gone.

Nobody has come forward to claim this dog as their own and she continues to wait…unable to help herself, and utterly at the mercy of the kindness of strangers who may, or may not, choose to network her information.

Little is known about this five-year-old dog – what she loves, or what she hates. Nobody knows her favorite toy or favorite activity – all that is known is that she needs for someone to notice her and decide that she is worth saving.

Please help this dog find her way to a reputable rescue organization, or a safe and loving home, by taking a moment to share her adoption information.


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  1. Penny Jacobson says:

    Hopefully with the assist of this wonderful Rescue/ Information site the word will get out for a rescue of a caring and loving family ( how about dogs for our service connected veterans needing service dogs)!!! That someone will save this lovely Female German Shepherd!!!! Come on rescues step up to the plate for this Girl She most certainly needs HELP to LIVE !!!!

  2. Lauren Piersa says:

    I tried to rescue Precious, a senior GSD at the Downey Shelter in CA. With 500 comments on 1 post alone, all the Californians seem to have something to say and there seems to be quite the power trip going on among them but nobody is taking action. I spoke with 2 people, they both wanted to try to get her to me but I didn’t hear back from either one. 12 years old and this baby is STILL sitting in a kennel with some type of terrible skin condition and other ailments while all the humans are tripping over each other. HORRIBLE. I would inquire about this baby but she’s also a CA shelter, not going there again – too frustrating!

  3. Gwendolyn Nash-Lyons says:

    OMG I have been on so many sites looking for a male german Shepard not mixed, and have been looking and looking for one at a shelter forever the male needs to be german breed because my female is I live in Houston tx I have all rescues but one she was bought. Looking for male so anyone know of a male available please contact me

    • Rachel Tomasi says:

      I doubt any shelter or rescue will adopt to you with those needs. A certain breed you have an affinity for they can respect and notify you when one comes in but demanding a certain bloodline or even country of origin is pushing it.
      You do know they won’t adopt out an intact (not neutered) male to breed right? (Nor female) Any cat or dog not already altered is done so pre adoption. You might meet the dog pre neuter but he won’t be sent home that way. That’s what it sounds like to shelters that you want.
      If you just like the looks n temperament of German lines you most likely need to import or buy from one who has. It’s fairly rare dogs get turned on with a pedigree. Good luck on your search if it’s for a pet but if you are thinking of breeding dogs with u known history etc please strongly reconsider. A good breeder is very involved in all aspects of their breed and not only knows much info including health clearances and longevity /health thru their lives on all dogs in their dogs’ pedigree (their ancestors) but also can picture what each one looks/looked like. It’s an expensive hobby between having a healthy mom, stud fees, health tests and good care…pregnancy, healthy litter…worming, shots, beginning puppy training; proving the worth of their breeding stock at dog shows of various types…undertaken for the love of the breed and not for profit beyond that next show puppy they helped bring into this world from their own beloved dogs. Please think hard before contributing more mediocre pets to this overcrowded pet population we have and if you have an interest in learning more about becoming active in the breed you love, there are a wealth of sources for info out there. Best of luck!


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