Faithful dog waits for ailing owner day after day outside hospital

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For days, a faithful dog waited patiently outside of the doors of a hospital in Spain. The two-year-old dog, an Akita named “Maya,” was waiting for her owner, who had been admitted to the Elda Hospital for emergency appendix surgery.

Maya’s owner,  22-year-old Sandra Iniesta, had to be admitted after she experienced intense abdominal pain and it was determined that her appendix had to be removed – she wound up staying for six days outside the hospital in Alicante. Sandra’s father, Andrés Iniesta, had attempted to put Maya in the car on several occasions, but the devoted pup refused to leave, reported the Telegraph U.K.

Maya does not reserve her loyalty for hospital stays only…her owner acknowledged that this is normal for Maya, stating on Twitter, “She just did what she does at home in Barcelona which is wait at the door of a place until I return.”

On August 30, the hospital acknowledged the devotion which Maya showed to her owner for the extended hospital stay in a posting to Facebook. The translated post by the hospital reads:

The General hospital universitario de elda has a very special visitor.
This dog is akita inu from two days ago at the door of the hospital waiting to be restored to his young mistress, admitted in our center.
Although the loyalty is characteristic of this breed, has surprised us to today pleasantly.
We hope that they will soon be together again!

(Photo via Facebook)

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  1. virginia green says:

    what a good dog.his owner is lucky to have a dog who loves her that much.hope he gets to be with her soon and that he gets alot more love and treats for him doing his job for his owner.

  2. Mongoose218 says:

    Dangerous for him to be allowed to just lie outside the hospital; wish the hospital authorities would either LET him in her room, or that her father would get a leash and TAKE him home and make him stay there!

    • Claudia Parish says:

      It’s difficult to “make” an AKITA do anything against his will. They are extremely stubborn. This is typical behavior for an AKITA.
      There are people looking out for this fellow, and he is being fed by the staff.
      The girl’s father is also keeping an eye on him.
      The father did try to get him into the car, and he would just go down on his belly and not move.
      He has a leash attached to his collar, but that AKITA is not going anywhere until they bring his mistress out through those doors.
      There are a couple of videos showing the people interacting with the dog.

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