Dog found dead in animal control cage

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Over the weekend, a dog died after being left inside of a small cage, with inadequate food and water, at a California animal control agency. According to Tuesday’s KMPH Fox 26 News, the heartbreaking discovery was made by a rescue volunteer who went to the Parlier Animal Control agency on Sunday to pick up a dog.

In an ABC 30 News report, Chief José Flores, Police Chief with the Parlier Police Department, commented on the situation at the facility which is under his control, “There was some miscommunication, because our officer believed that the dog was taken earlier and that’s why the dog sat here for almost three days with not enough food, not enough water, and that’s why the tragedy occurred.”

The dog’s death was shared publicly on Facebook and outrage quickly ensued. The tragedy has prompted changes at the facility to ensure that a fatal miscommunication does not happen again. According to Your Central Valley News, rescue agencies will now have to visit the animal control agency on specific days of the week when staff is present – guaranteeing that transfers between animal control and rescue organization volunteers takes place face-to-face.

(Photo, screenshot via ABC 30 News)

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  1. For 3 days no one checked on these dogs, Dogs need to be fed and watered daily and at least walked or let out to potty! What kind of an organization are they running?

  2. If you can’t trust animal control to do such an easy task as making sure that the animals in their care are where they should be and have adequate food and water, who can you trust? A miscommunication is not an excuse. It’s a reason to get rid of those that have no empathy for the animals in their care and replace them with those that have compassion and empathy for the animals in their care.

  3. Absolutely inexcusable!!! Three days of no one coming by to feed, water, nor even walk the dogs (and cats)? SOMEONE needs to be fired, and that begins at the top. Dogs are living beings, not automobiles, and to treat them as if they are things is simply not acceptable.

    • I am with agrippamom on this, No animals shelter or dog pounds should be close for three day and No Water or Food for that many days. Put them in a cage for three days with out water and Food. No, someone needs to be fired and start at the top and work down. Shame on you.

  4. Chief Jose Flores, if you are in control of the Parlier Animal Control facility, you are responsible for it. Do not call it “some miscommunication”. It is worse than that. You abandoned the living .You did a lousy job when your officer walked out of the place, locked the door and did not double- check on the animals, knowing the weekend was ahead. Mindlessness is the correct word. Obviously, there was NO communication, NONE, since nobody was scheduled to come feed and hydrate the dogs, no arrangements with the rescuer were verified or confirmed. You betrayed the dog who starved to death waiting for his rescuer in the place you control. Your officer needs to be disciplined , suspended without pay, and you both need to apologize to us. Why? Because we TRUSTED YOU.


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