Disturbing video of fireworks set off near dog sparks animal cruelty investigation

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A Facebook video posted on July 4th showing a man igniting fireworks on his front porch in Atlanta, Georgia as the family dog stood within a few feet, has gone viral.

More than 78,000 people have viewed the disturbing video showing the man gingerly tiptoeing around the front porch, preparing fireworks to ignite, while a white dog looks suspiciously at his owner. The dog was apparently much too trusting of his heartless human. And then the man carefully closes the front door. Moments later the first set of fireworks ignite – the dog runs for cover, and as he tries to hide while he whines aloud in fright and confusion, another blast goes off … this time laughter could be heard in the background as if the heart wrenching situation had been viewed as funny by the participants inside the home.

The video can be viewed here:


The video, allegedly posted on the Facebook page of Atlanta resident, William Scaffidi has since been removed. An investigation into possible animal cruelty violations has been launched by the Fulton County Animal Services as hundreds of concerned viewers notified authorities. The video continues to capture the ire of thousands of readers. A Facebook page, Animal Lives Matter,who captured a copy of the video before it was deleted, has garnered nearly a thousand comments, with every reader expressing their disgust and anger.

On Wednesday, the owner of the dog was charged with animal cruelty and is alleged to have stated he thought it would be funny. Perhaps even more pathetic is the man’s 13-year-old daughter videoed the intentional cruelty and then posted the horrific act on Facebook. When authorities arrived, the dog was reported to be in good condition, however Fulton Animal County Animal Services will be taking the owner to court – asking for custody of the dog and sentencing the man to jail. Many people have offered to adopt the dog and provide her with a new, loving life. A court date of July 26 has been set.

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  1. Those disgusting people, I hope they take this poor dog away from these morons, If that isn’t animal cruelty, then what is?

  2. Come on
    What is wrong with people. I seriously hate people more every day I’m on this earth. I hope he drops dead and the dog steps over him.

    • I’m glad someone else thinks like me. The more I see and hear abt our human race, which I use the term loosely,the more I hate them. Sorry but the cruelty of this world is sickening.

  3. Idiot. But if this is considered cruel, then I think taking a dog to a fireworks display should be included. I attended one on Monday where there were countless panicked, panting, drooling dogs who’s owners decided it would be a good idea to subject them to 20 minutes of fireworks. With the first firework, one dog bolted from his owners and kept going. Blind fear. No collar, no leash. He may have slipped collar/leash but again, he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I only hope he wasn’t hit by a car.

    • My sister lives near where they shoot off fireworks and he saw a poor little dog go running by her house, dragging it’s leash, she tried to catch it but it got away and ran up the street. The owners never even came looking for the dog until the fireworks were over probably 15 to 20 minutes later and seemed totally unconcerned as they asked her if they saw a little dog run by. My sister expressed her concern bringing a dog to the fire works, and they just shrugged and told her to mind her own business. I hope and pray the little fellow didn’t run into the main street in the direction he was running. You are right, people like this don’t deserve to have a dog.

  4. Humans are the meanest creatures….the more I know them the more I love my dogs and cat. I hope they get punished by the law and the dog finds a loving home.

    • I totally agree with you, people can be so mean to their pets, they seem to think because they have bought the animal that it is OK to do as they like with them, we need to stop this attitude. Janet MacIntyre, England.

  5. That guy is an idiot. He knew it would scare the dog. It was done on purpose. It wasn’t funny. I am glad it was posted or we would have never know what this man was capable of doing to an innocent animal.

  6. Absolutely done on purpose Asshole wouldn’t let her in when went to the door you see him behind it laughing. And to put a 13 year old in a position like that that’s messed up to!

  7. Disgusting Morons. NOT FUNNY. I hope they put both in jail. Let them find some jail justice. Take that poor pup away,

  8. what a liar. He knew his dog was there and you can see him look right at her while he closed the door. Cruel and vicious. and a liar to boot. Regrets posting it. Yes he does as it caught him.


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