Multiple dogs dead following fire in California

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On Wednesday morning, a grass fire which broke out along State Route 14. in Palmdale, California, killed several dogs and injured five people, reported CBS Los Angeles News. A total of five dogs perished when the blaze burned a building at a nearby rescue organization; other dogs are reported to be suffering from fire-related injuries.

KTLA 5 News reported that the dogs were held at Rescue Oasis, Inc., a kennel which takes in dogs from high-kill animal control agencies. Shortly after the fire broke out, a Facebook page issued a plea for help:

About an hour ago 10 a.m. 7/6/16 a fire erupted at Rescue Oasis Palmdale.. Many dogs have been lost in this fire and many more are being taken to PETS R US..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONATE!! The office said they are in desperation!!! If you can PLEASE make any form of donation PLEASE call 661-272-1600.. Leashes and collars, crates, food are also needed.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

(Photo via Facebook)

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  1. What went wrong, yes where was the sprinkler when this happened it is the law. Check into who was responsible for this? But first the animals that died and ones in critical condition.


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