War Veteran and his beloved service dog, Tuesday

Decorated veteran, author of book about his service dog, found dead in hotel

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Luis Carlos Montalvan, 43, a decorated Iraq war veteran and author of the book, Until Tuesday, which features his beloved service dog, was found dead in his El Paso, Texas, hotel room late Friday night. According to ABC 7 News, there were no signs of foul play and the cause of death is currently unknown.

Montalvan, who served in the United States Army for 17 years, was able to overcome severe post-traumatic stress disorder with the assistance of his golden retriever, “Tuesday,” whom he credits with saving his life.

Educated Canines Assisting With Disabilities, ECAD, the agency which paired Tuesday with Montalvan, has established a fundraiser on the wounded warrior’s behalf. The agency issued a statement:

With his beloved service dog Tuesday at his side, Luis spent the past decade educating the public about trauma and advocating for veterans and people with disabilities. He will be missed greatly and our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

ECAD has assured those concerned about Tuesday’s fate that the dog is “safe and happy,” ‘and being cared for by the ECAD family.

Find the ECAD Fundraiser here.


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  1. barbara stichinsy says:

    God bless Tuesday and all his years of service. Thank you Tuesday for all your service. Your on your way to the Rainbow. Bridge where your youth and health will be restored and you’ll be playing joyfully with other puppies. One day you and your owner will meet again and walk and play together
    RIP Tuesday. With love and prayers.

  2. Sharon E Rouse says:

    Rest in Peace Dear Veteran. Thank you God you have a life for Tuesday to fullfill. You are both in God’s precious hands.

  3. makingadifference237Isabel Navarro says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with this hero, Captain Luis Montalvan. Thank you for serving our country and being a great advocate for Service Dogs, veterans and people with disabilities. You have left a lasting legacy with Tuesday by educating the public about trauma that our soldiers suffer being deployed overseas. I am certain God has called for you and you will be happy in His kingdom.
    I pray for Tuesday that he may have a forever home with someone as moving and conscientious like our dear veteran Montalvan. Tuesday still has a role to fulfil until such time he is reunited with his beloved owner, Capt. Luis Montalvan, he who will be missed but never forgotten.

  4. Mayra Engel says:

    Luis and Tuesday have had such an impact on my life! I was very saddened to hear of the death of Luis. I’m sure that life was just too much to bear, otherwise he would never have left his best friend, Tuesday, behind. I trust that Tuesday is in good hands and that his mourning for Luis will not cost him too much. G-d bless you Tuesday. M. Engel

  5. Gerry Born says:

    When our 4 year old golden died suddenly while we were away, we got a puppy and called her Tuesday as she is our healing dog. I am reading Tuesday’s Promise with much sadness as I contimplate the loss that Tuesday has experienced with Luis no longer a part of his life. I hope Tuesday is safe and happy.


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