Couple arrested for neglecting dog who was tied to tree

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Burnett and Stratton

Burnett and Stratton

Two people in Arkansas are facing cruelty to animals charges for allegedly tying a dog to a tree and allowing the dog to suffer with a severe infection. According to Wednesday’s THV 11 News, the alleged dog abusers, identified as 31-year-old Tommy Wayne Stratton, and 28-year-old Lisa Burnett, were taken into custody on Monday.

In early July, an officer with the Alexander Police Department responded to property on Iris Cove after a report was received about a neglected dog who was tied to a tree next to an RV. The police officer found a dog who appeared to be in “extreme pain,” suffering with an untreated infection that had caused the dog’s head to swell to several times its normal size.

The dog was not taken from the property, but the couple was advised to get the dog to a veterinarian for care. When the police officer returned three days later to check in on the dog, the couple, and the dog in question, were gone.

An investigation revealed that the couple had surrendered the ailing dog to the Bryant Animal Shelter, rather than taking him to a veterinarian for care. A warrant was secured and the couple was arrested and later released on bond.

No word on the fate of the neglected dog.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Checked the link to the shelter and they are closed at this time but there is also no mention of this poor dog. Need to get an update on this poor dog as it sounds like he was in an awful lot of pain.

  2. virginia green says:

    let us do it to them also.make them pay what they would get if the dog was a little kid .dogs are 4 legged kids wearing fur.

  3. malgorzata szostek says:

    Alexander Police Dept in Arkansas, is in need of a “shake up” -if their officer is allowed to act as follow: 1.responds to a call, 2.sees a dog in agony of pain , with a head swollen several times over (his own words) 3.he does NOTHING. With a visible profound proof of ABUSE , this officer DOES nothing! Is a “common sense” still in fashion? What is acceptable IQ in the Alexander Department? Good Grief.


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