Atlanta man who set off fireworks to scare his dog fined $500

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William Scaffidi fireworksOn Tuesday, animal advocates gathered outside of the Fulton County, Georgia court building as dog owner William Scaffidi pleaded no contest to animal cruelty charges for igniting fireworks in front of his dog, reports AJC News.

The judge allowed Scaffidi to keep his dog named Betty Boop, but fined him $500. Protesters wanted a stiffer sentence for the crime sending the message that animal cruelty can not be tolerated.

On July 4th, a viral video filmed by Scaffidi’s  teenage daughter showed the distressing scene. More than 78,000 people viewed the disturbing video showing the man gingerly tiptoeing around the front porch, preparing fireworks to ignite, while the white dog looked suspiciously at his owner. The dog was apparently much too trusting of his heartless human. And then the man carefully closed the front door. Moments later the first set of fireworks ignited – the dog ran for cover, and as he tried to hide while he whined aloud in fright and confusion, another blast went off … this time laughter could be heard in the background as if the heart wrenching situation had been viewed as funny by the participants inside the home.

Scaffidi stated he regretted what happened and claimed he didn’t know the dog was there. Read the earlier story here.

(Photo YouTube screenshot)

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  1. Sickening! If judges would take this seriously and actually sentence scum like this accordingly, perhaps trash would think twice before ‘playing such a funny trick’ on their dogs. Stupid judge should have at least been smart enough to remove the dog from that home because heaven only knows what other torture the poor baby has had to endure.

  2. He knew the dog was there on the porch! He tiptoed around the dog then slipped inside the house and set them off!! I wish the house had burned down and the only one to survive was the dog!!!

  3. IT”S very plain to SEE this Maggot is “THE UPPER ECHELON of WEALTH ” with the AESTHETICS of his HOME! Too bad this arrogant RICH MAN can’t find another way to achieve a Jolly Feeling other than terrorize his trusting DOG!!! He could donate to a charity for CHILDREN WITH CANCER, throw a big party for them and see the joy in their faces.. Instead of getting HIS JOLLYS from the fear he cause his dog to endure!!! The justice won’t do much to him,,,, WHY BECAUSE HE IS RICH!!!!!!

  4. He knew the dog was there he tortured his dog and lied about it what else will he do? Definitely would not trust this man. The judge needs to be kicked off the bench.


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