Children in Cape Town video stoning and torturing dog to death

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The Cape of Good Hope Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were made aware of a disturbing act of animal cruelty on Friday, allegedly involving eight children between the ages of 7 to 17, reports Eyewitness News. A graphic video was sent to the organization and uploaded on Facebook. Capetown cruelty

According to Tara McGovern, a spokesperson for the animal rescue organization, the incident occurred earlier this month in a field in Manenberg. The video shows a group of kids dragging a stray little dog by a rope tied around the small dog’s neck to a secluded area. As they drag and kick the frightened little pup, they shout “this dog is going to die today.” With them the boys lead a pit bull ordering that dog to attack the tiny puppy. The pitbull attacks the dog, and as the defenseless pooch tries to get away, the boys grab it, but they weren’t done torturing the animal. It only grew worse when they then decided to hang the pup from a tree and throw rocks and bricks at the terrified little one. Capetown dog stoned to death

“This is why you must look after your dogs, people,” can be heard shouted by one of the kids.

At the end of the video, the puppy lies on the ground dead.

McGovern says her organization has the names and addresses of the children involved. On the Facebook page of the SPCA, a copy of the dog, named Sam, necropsy report reveals the puppy died a slow, horrific death as a result of blunt force trauma, liver failure, a crushed skull and multiple dog bites. Capetown dog stoned to death 2

“A case has been opened at the Manenberg Police Station and social workers from the Department of Social Development will render assistance in the hope that these children can be rehabilitated,” added McGovern.

The video can be found on the SPCA page; this writer could not watch it and therefore will not post it here. Rest in peace Sam. We hope you find some justice.

(Photos screen grabs from SPCA)

35 replies
  1. Natalie Anne says:

    I feel sick!
    These little pricks deserve life in jail so they have no idea what freedom tastes like!
    And never EVER let out!



  3. agrippamom says:

    I’m glad you didn’t put show it here because I couldn’t have watched it, either. The filth who raised these ‘children’ should be on the receiving end of the SAME torture they gave that innocent puppy: only monsters could raise ‘children’ that demented. As for the devils who did this, the younger ones, and I mean the 7 the ones who aren’t close to puberty, can be taught better perhaps if they are taken out of their environment. The others need to go the way of their disgusting ‘parents’, who obviously have no regard for life of ANY kind, human nor animal.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    How do children become so evil. What “fun” do they find in letting a dog attack and stoning a small dog,killing it. This makes me sick! Rehabilitate these monsters? I don’t think there is any hope of that!

  5. Ed says:

    Assholes rehabilitate who and what the f****** dog was killed out of spite how do you rebuild a trash you’re not going to be a murderer if you people didn’t know what the fudge Burger up that cannot be rebuilt ated iPhone as the Bible says give me death penalty seven years old and you’re putting violence and are you kidding me do something people do something people social worker wake up you cannot rehabilitate trash garbage s*** I’m sixty years old I don’t even hurt a fly everything was created by God to Live and Let Live and you want to be Billy take them are you kidding me show you where to go get another job you’re going to need it because you should not be doing what you’re doing you people make me laugh

  6. Joanna says:

    Sick vile scum. Kill them the same way and their parents for teachin that this behaviour is ok. Puppy rrst over rainbow bridge where you will know only love and happiness

  7. Penny's Dachshund says:

    Well THIS Video Goes to Show That The VIOLENT Nature of these Young Children in South Africa is NO Different from many of their COUNTER -PART’s Here in North America!!!! Violence Breeds Violence Generation upon Generation!!!

  8. Jennifer says:

    To the so called guardians of these low life pos, you suck at parenting. I want the same to happen to them as what they did to this poor puppy. They don’t deserve rehabilitation as it won’t work anyway.

  9. Shelly says:

    I don’t care how old this kids are the SOB need to be punished and I mean punished they knew what they was doing that poor baby didn’t have a chance at all this makes me sick

  10. Sophie Alev says:

    I hope there is a petition started for this barbaric cruel act by children. They need to be charged and dealt with as torturing a beautiful dog is a crime.

  11. Cynthia says:

    Someone should stone them, to see how they would like it ,if they were my kids I’d be really upset but I know I would teach my children to respect animals…This say,so a lot about there upbringing. Make them responsible for there crime.

  12. Natalie Dagostino says:

    So someone video taped and didn’t stop….where are the pieces of garbage parents…..they should be slapped for raising them

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I believe it was the “children” taping the incident and then they posted it themselves, obviously proud of what they had done. If indeed a bystander saw this happening and didn’t intervene then, yes, shame on them for not stopping this! I’m sure the garbage parents are very “proud” of their offspring, but then, they are probably where these monsters learned such actions!

  13. Linda Szymoniak says:

    These aren’t human children. They’re demons incarnate, and the same should be done to them that they did to the dog. Sociopaths can’t be rehabilitated. They have to be sociopaths to be able to do this to a dog.

  14. Rhonda Maclean says:

    Those monsters are beyond rehabilitation. I am sick to death of people trying to defend children who abuse animals. These kids should be removed from society permanently, in the same manner that they removed the poor dog. Bastards!

  15. monica says:

    little bastards need to be tied to a tree stoned then hung up and stoned little black shits as you can see in the photo need to be put into jail now and forgotten about mcgovern thinks the little bastards can be rehabilitated i think not serial killers in the making if they can do it to a puppy they can do it to a child younger than 7 as the youngest murdering bastard is aged 7 good hiding so they cant sit down and castrated so they cant reproduce and flogged!!!!!!

  16. jordan says:

    They should not go jail there’s no point they should get killed them selves the little scum bags the por dog feel sorry for it if I see someone doing that to any animal I will fuck gun them down

  17. Gwendolyn Nash-Lyons says:

    What happened where these kids think this was funny are they abused themselves and taking it out on a defensles, animal because when they are defenless, and want some feeling of empowerment but hurting an animal as defensless, as them

  18. Vanya says:

    Take them out and stone them to death!! Take the parents too as this is something one or all of these children have seen in their homes or environment!!

  19. Sue says:

    Hmm. Is it Karma or the violent type of life these kids led that brings the following on?

    07/28/2016 CAPE TOWN – One of the boys charged with torturing and killing a stray dog has been shot dead in Manenberg.

    The 17-year-old, Junaid Davids, was murdered in Rhone Walk yesterday.

    Davids was one of eight boys facing animal cruelty charges, after a video showed how a dog was stoned to death.

    Police say Davids was shot in the chest and died on the scene.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I feel little sympathy for this POS and his family for their loss. Evil begets evil and I would say this is Karma along with the violence they practiced that led to this! Good riddance!

  20. Michelle says:

    Someone should hang those little bastards and torcher them like they did sam. The f**ked up thing is most likely these idiot kids wont be punished or held responsible for what they have done. AND THAT IS MURDERED A POOR HELPLESS DOG. I HOPE THEY ALL ROT IN HELL

  21. edward says:

    Yes I agree they can be rehabilitated it’s cool put a f****** bullet for their f****** head or better yet take a rope around their neck and try again with a f****** truck off of cliff or better yet call me when the pit of rattlesnakes or crocodiles you need 2 more on the things they could be rehabilitated has to be punished because she’s not a you need 2 more on the things they could be rehabilitated has to be punished because she’s not a f******


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