Arrest made: Teen threw puppy onto pavement

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An 18-year-old faces animal cruelty charges after a disturbing Facebook video surfaced in Manitoba showing the man allegedly tossing a puppy into the air and then letting it  violently crash onto the pavement, reports the MetroNews. Manitoba RCMP cover

According to the Chemawawin RCMP, the video was filmed in Easterville, Manitoba and shows a man in a red shirt holding a brown German shepherd puppy in his arms. While he is stroking the dog gently on its head, another person can be heard laughing and calling him”the dog killer.”

“I’m not going to kill it, I’ll feel bad,” quips the teen holding the puppy.

But then the cruelty began. He flips the dog up into the air at least six feet, and then the puppy slams to the pavement. She yelps in pain and continues to cry until the video ends as she sits up. Asha puppy

“F*** man. That’s f*****up,” someone is heard yelling in the background.

The puppy has since been rescued and is in the custody of the Manitoba Underdogs Rescue where the tiny female pup is being treated at the Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital. At this time, she is not able to walk or use her back legs. She is unable to bear any weight on her left side, but scoots herself across the floor to move. A Facebook page update on the pup, now dubbed Asha, gives more details about her condition:

“She has made it to Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital! She is a bit brighter than expected. However, she still will not walk. She is staying with WAEH overnight to rest and receive a good dose of pain medication, and will be off to Dakota Veterinary Hospital in the morning for further assessment.” Manitoba RCMP

(The video is available for viewing by clicking here. Please be advised it is very disturbing and graphic)

The suspect has not been charged, but does remain in police custody.

To help Asha, donations can be made to the Manitoba Underdogs Rescue by clicking here or directly to the  Dakota Veterinary Hospital by calling 204-960-7667 or visiting them at 1026 St. Mary’s Road. Donations over $20 receive a tax receipt.

(Photos Manitoba Underdogs Rescue)

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  2. Okay….. this is one POS who does not need to walk anywhere. No, seriously, I don’t care HOW this is accomplished, whether this FILTH is locked up, beaten to a bloody pulp, or put 6 feet under does not matter. Just keep this creature away from the rest of society.

  3. You sick f–k !!!!!! Why would you even think of doing something like that to a puppy !!!!!you and your friend are lowlife pieces of humanity. Why would you want to hurt something so innocent ??? You are the kind that goes on to torture people and kill !!!!!

  4. Yet another opportunity for our justice system to issue a slap on the wrist instead of real justice. Just maybe if this POS was thrown in jail for 5 years or more then it might be seen as a deterrent. Our justice system needs to start treating animal cruelty as a serious crime.

  5. This disgusting piece of shit!!! I wish to God that someone would do that to him!!! I hope he gets into a prison with really tough guys who like dogs and they work him over good! Not quite bad enough to kill him because I want that pup to get justice!!! I want him to get before a judge that loves dogs and gives him the maximum sentence and fine possible. Someone like or worse than Judge Judy!!! That’s what that POS SOB Bastard deserves!!! Karma is a bitch you bastard!!!

  6. We are becoming a worped sick new generation that does not care or have empathy or sympathy for another creature except our self so so sad / if this is the future than count me out ???we are becoming a sad cruel world

  7. His name is jessee keifer keiferyoung.. his facebook shows he is basically already a psychopath. Get this garbage locked up already!

  8. I do hope the ppl who are watching/reading this understands that ppl who kill or attempt to kill animals at a young age even at 18 as this person has done is starting to develop the beginning of being a psychopathic killer. And as time goes on may become a serial killer. It is all well and good that he maybe charged with cruelty to animals but..he should have a physic evaluation to see how far or close he is to turning.

  9. This hurt me so bad to read, my heart is filled to the brim with pain and anger…I pray to God that she will be able to live a pain- free life….and that justice be served to the fullest extent possible. This heartbreaking horror and total lack of empathy MUST be stopped. Please, please. Please.

  10. I only just seen this now & I’m crying cuz of that sick peace of garbage who deliberately throws that beautiful Shepherd puppy up in the air & watches her fall on the pavement & laughs about it! This fat male who looks pregnant should be punishable in the same way as he did too the poor defensive little Shepherd puppy who is yelping in the background in pain just breaks my heart! I really hope that this sick ass does get what’s coming to him! He’s going to keep on doing things like this if he doesn’t get put in jail! How would he like it if he was dropped on his head from the CN Tower & lived & would have to be in so much pain like the puppy! If he doesn’t get charged for this he’s just going to keep on doing this cuz he knows that nothing will be done! Stricter laws must be made more punishable by asses like this punishable by life or somewhere someone else will put him to rest sooner! He has no conscious whatsoever even the other ass whose with the other ass ! So very sad what goes on in the world! Not impressed about this bastard along with everyone else!

  11. His face should not be blurred…he knew he was being filmed and apparently quite proud of himself..he is also an adult….watch out parents if this punk is still living under your roof…….parentcide

  12. This monster is a danger to our society as well as being completely useless. He needs to be put to death, give him the needle. No rehab will be appropriate. he is seemingly a psychopath or a sociopath with no feelings of guilt.


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