Bulldog died from injuries after attack from 3 large dogs

In Harris County, Texas, a family’s beloved bulldog died after sustaining fatal injuries when three neighborhood dogs attacked her. According to Click2Houston,  the five-year-old English bulldog died on Friday; just before she had been scheduled to undergo surgery for her damaged lung. martha-villafuerte-3

On November 15, surveillance cameras picked up  three large dogs attack Roxy in her Vineyard Meadows neighborhood off Clay Road and Lakes of Bridgewater. Two of the dogs were Rottweilers – pets in the neighborhood. Roxy had been in the family’s garage where she liked to rest and eat; the door was open only 11 inches. Somehow the other dogs were able to gain entrance and dragged Roxy out into the middle of the street.

Martha Villaguerte, Roxy’s owner, stated her 11-year-old son heard the commotion and her husband ran out. He was able to separate the dogs with a rake. The dogs ran away, but a Houston  Animal Control officer was able to locate the dogs at a nearby home. The owner of the dogs has been issued nine citations, three citations for each of his dogs. The owner was cited for allowing the dogs to roam, not having a license and not being able to prove rabies vaccine. A judge will have to decide their fate.

Rest in peace Roxy.

(Photo of bulldog died via GoFundMe on Facebook)

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